Ursinus' Larger Catechism

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I was reading Ursinus' Larger Catechism recently and came across something amusing. Q. 275 :)

274 Q. What are sacraments?

A. They are signs of the covenant between God and believers in Christ, or seals of the righteousness of faith.[274]

275 Q. Say that more clearly.

A. Sacraments are ceremonies instituted by God and added to the promise of grace, so that he might represent to them the grace promised in the gospel, that is, the communication of Christ and all his benefits; and so that, by these visible pledges and public testimonies, as it were, he might assure all those who use these ceremonies in true faith that this promise certainly belongs to them and will be valid for them forever; and so that those using them might, on their part, bind themselves to perseverance in true faith and piety toward God.[275]

[274] SC 54; HC 66
[275] SC 54

Source: Lyle D. Bierma, An Introduction to the Heidelberg Catechism, p. 213
One succinct sentence and the next question is "say that more clearly"???

Isn't that like the parent who asks, "what did I tell you?"
"Well, Dad . . ."
Only to be interrupted with: "didn't I tell you to keep you mouth shut when I'm talking to you?"
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