Vacationing in February: Cruises?

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Last year, our family vacationed at Universal Studios. I got a little too much sun, ended up in the hospital, and had to book the flight home on another airline. We got a voucher for the tickets we didn't use, which I need to use before April.

I'm thinking about going back down to Florida. Since the tickets are all paid for, I'd just have to pay for the hotel, fun, etc. My wife has mentioned over the years that she'd love to go on a cruise, so I'd like to check into it. I've never been on one before, I was wondering if any of you have and could make recommendations. I'd (of course) like to keep it on the "frugal" side, but maximize the fun for the family. Any recommendations which cruises are the best. I'm thinking maybe Bermuda or the Bahamas.


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