Walking Out of a Sermon

Discussion in 'Preaching' started by C. Matthew McMahon, Jun 14, 2004.

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  1. staythecourse

    staythecourse Puritan Board Junior

    The one time I did

    After the men of the congregation started running around the church, making laps, I knew I made a mistake.
  2. panicbird

    panicbird Puritan Board Freshman

    Most unusual church experience

    We could probably start a new thread on this, but barring that I will offer my most unusual church experience. I did not walk out of this one, as I had been invited by an acquaintance. It was at a Messianic Jewish Charismatic Church. Yeah, they have those. There were people running around, some girl dancing by herself in the back, and all the songs were in Hebrew. It was the oddest thing I had ever seen. Of course, this was in Seattle, WA, home of all things weird (no offense, Blade).

  3. A_Wild_Boar

    A_Wild_Boar Puritan Board Freshman

    [quote:c13a806ec0][i:c13a806ec0]Originally posted by sastark[/i:c13a806ec0]
    After the service, they had communion. Needless to say, I did NOT partake.


    I dont blame you.
  4. sastark

    sastark Puritan Board Graduate

    [quote:ff99ba166c][i:ff99ba166c]Originally posted by A_Wild_Boar[/i:ff99ba166c]
    [quote:ff99ba166c][i:ff99ba166c]Originally posted by sastark[/i:ff99ba166c]
    After the service, they had communion. Needless to say, I did NOT partake.


    I dont blame you. [/quote:ff99ba166c]


    I noticed in you signature that you are a "6 point calvinist". Does that mean that you burn heretics?

  5. C. Matthew McMahon

    C. Matthew McMahon Christian Preacher

  6. calgal

    calgal Puritan Board Graduate

    I did walk out on a sermon one of the last times I attended a local megachurch (SBC affiliate but not Founders church). Tim La Haye was speaking and I sat and tried to stay respectful through his "MY book saved all these people" brag, his hawking the dreadful Left Behind series and assorted acts of amazing TBN'ness but I walked out when he started calling RC Sproul unsaved! :flaming: Having been introduced to RC's works, the comment simply illustrated Mr La Haye's depravity. The following Lord's Day, I checked out my local OPC. :pilgrim: No skits, no PDL, just the Word of God faithfully preached. :scholar: Otherwise, I would not simply walk out. I would probably ask my pastor about any concerns I had. And get a logical answer!
  7. Learner

    Learner Puritan Board Freshman

    I was invited to a Korean church(here in S.K.).I was given an outline of the sermon in advance.Sure enough the sermon matched the outline.The title was :"The Six Major Reasons Why People Come Down With Alzheimer's Disease
    According To A Leading Japanese Secular Magazine".I did
    not leave because of the invitation my hostess gave me but...
  8. grace2U

    grace2U Puritan Board Freshman

    Outside of gross heresy (eg. denying the resurrection) and blasphemy, I would never walk out of a sermon.

    In South-West England, Reformed churches are quite scarce, but open Brethren Assemblies can be found in many villages.

    Very often, in a Devonshire village, the choice is between an apostate Anglican church and a tiny Gospel Hall, perhaps with a congregation of only six or seven. It will be led by a man without any training, without any language skills, but who loves his Lord and preaches in the light that the Lord gives him.

    We might be tempted to sneer that this man's theological failings, and certainly it would be better if he had received training, but such men are keeping the Gospel light burning in many parts of my poor benighted land, and sinners are still being saved. Furthermore, some of them, to my certain knowledge, are finding the Doctrines of Grace.

    Maybe God, who is pleased to use the foolish things of the world to shame the wise, will bring revival to England through these very assemblies. Who knows?

  9. panicbird

    panicbird Puritan Board Freshman

    :amen: Steve!

  10. FrozenChosen

    FrozenChosen Puritan Board Freshman

    I haven't walked out yet. I'm not sure I would. I think I'm in the same camp with Scott. If a pastor was speaking there and I disagreed with him, I would endure the sermon, taking note of where he contradicts the Bible, and then if I had visited with friends, I would make my opinion known after church, hopefully undoing any damage done and praying other people in the church were doing the same.

    If something really extreme happened, like Steve said, I think I might walk out.

    I have laughed under my breath once. Early in my college year I went to BCM, the SBC ministry, just because I had friends there. I began attending First Baptist Church of Opelika, and the preacher began preaching on 1 Peter. When he ran into the "elect" idea, he explained it like a classroom. The teacher is looking for some help, so three students raise their hands. The students come up, and are shocked to find that they have been given personalized instructions, one set for Jane, one set for Tim, and one set for Bob. The teacher responds to the obvious question with "Well, I just knew you so well I knew you would raise your hands."

    At that point, I closed my Bible. The rest of the sermon seemed like me killin' time.
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