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Scott Bushey

Puritanboard Commissioner
Hi all,
Welcome to the D.D.F. (That sounds cool!)

This forum will be used to facilitate the boards community with a daily devotional. We will stay within the scope of the board and use Puritan based/reformed authors. The devotional will last for a year and each day will be opened for a 24 hour period. In this time-frame, after the daily is posted, the thread will be open for discussion and comment.

This thread is not to be used for deeper theological jousting but as an exhortive tool to bring us closer to the Savior.

Join me in welcoming two fine young men we have chosen to moderate this forum: Josh Hicks aka "Joshua" and Nathan O. Brandal aka "Bladestunner".

Have fun and Be blessed!




Puritan Board Professor
Will this forum ever stop getting better and better?

Congratulations, Josh and Nathan. I'm confident you guys are gonna do a great job as moderators.

I look forward to reading the daily devotions.



Puritan Board Post-Graduate
[quote:b400f98a2d]two fine young men we have chosen to moderate this forum[/quote:b400f98a2d]
Well said. Welcome you two fine young men.


Puritan Board Senior
Josh, Blade congratulations.

I hope they told you about the "Moderator Dues" before you said yes. :lb:


Puritan Board Freshman
Spurgeon's [i:9447b7e2c7]Morning and Evening[/i:9447b7e2c7]. You asked for a suggestion.


Suggestions: I second Morning and Evening by Spurgeon, and I suggest the Daily Remembrancer by James Smith
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