What Advantage May We Expect From Christ's Prayer -- Authorship

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Who wrote the sermon "What Advantage May We Expect From Christ's Prayer for Union With Himself, and the Blessings Relating to It?"

It was published anonymously ascribed to "N.N." as was another sermon included in the Cripplegate Morning Exercises, "How the Religious of a Nation are the Strength of It," which has generally been ascribed (by Cotton Mather and others, including James Nichol) to John Collins (c. 1632 - 1687), and both sermon manuscripts are written in the same hand.

However, James Nichol, editor of the Cripplegate Morning Exercise Sermons (it is found in volume 3 thereof), ascribes it to David Clarkson, although this sermon is not included the Practical Works of David Clarkson.

Moreover, James Darling in one place (Cyclopaedia Bibliographica, Vol. 2, 2114) ascribes its authorship to David Clarkson (although he fails to include it in a list of Clarkson's works elsewhere, Cyclopaedia Bibliographica, Vol. 1, 689-690), and in another (Subjects, 1150) to John Barker.

See the discussion of all of this in John Langdon Sibley, Biographical Sketches of Graduates of Harvard University, Vol. 1, p. 191, who assigns its authorship to John Collins.

So what can we say about its authorship?
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