What are you watching?

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I was surprised to see (in the other thread) how many people on the PB are watching American Idol. While I'm not a fan of that show, it got me thinking about what other TV programs y'all are into. If you have a program you enjoy watching, please share!

(Note: this is a thread for people who own and actually watch TV. Please don't use it for the criticism of people's TV-watching)

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There are several shows I follow (to varying degrees) thanks to the wonders of DVR.

Lost (Really liked the series, but disappointed in the finale)
The Office (though it's declining in quality)
Parenthood (easily my favorite new show this year)
Top Chef and Top Chef Masters
Top Gear
Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations

I'm not up to date on all of these, but when I sit down to watch something, it's generally one of the above.


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Top 5 (not in any particular order):

1. Heroes (when's the season gonna start?)
2. Dhani Tackles the Globe
3. Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern
4. Ultimate Fighter
5. American Pickers


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I don't watch it regularly (or often), but I occasionally watch Burn Notice, House, and Monk. I used to thoroughly enjoy Law and Order: SVU.


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I don't watch much TV. When I do this is normally what I watch:

1. I Love Lucy
2. Andy Griffith
3. 24
4. Deadliest Catch
5. Anything on Food Network (Chopped, Good Eats, Unwrapped, and Diners, Drive Ins and Dives are the favorites)
6. Worse Case Scenarios (My son loves this show)
7. Mythbusters

I don't have any show that I watch regularly. I usually forget they are on or am too tired to watch them.
I don't watch any of these regularly, but these are the shows I enjoy.


Obi Wan Kenobi
We get one station and I refuse to pay for cable. This is probably good. But, I do watch Hulu on occasion. I will catch up on Heroes, but that's about the only one I make an effort to follow. Sylar a good guy? Who'da thunk it?


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I watched the first season of Heroes and really liked it, but it has steadily lost my interest since. I liked it when there was a clear bad guy and everyone else banding together to fight him. Lately there have been too many twists and turns for my liking.

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6. Worse Case Scenarios (My son loves this show)

Is that the new one with Bear Grylls? I used to follow Man vs Wild very closely, but didn't watch much of the last season. I really like Bear. Did you know he's a Christian? He has a good blog, and shows a sincere appreciation for God's glory in creation.


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my wife and I mostly watch two channels - History and Food Network. Some faves of both of ours are Pawn Stars, Diners, Drive-In & Dives, & Good Eats. My wife watches TLC, but that's when I usually get on the computer. I do watch the 19 Kids and Counting with her. We don't watch any of the current series/sitcoms. We prefer older stuff like Cosby and I enjoy Nick at Nite George Lopez and Everybody Hates Chris. Our other classic standby to watch is AFV. After all these years, I never get tired of the funny videos!

This sounds like we watch a lot of TV but we really don't. We watch maybe an hour or two a day. We don't have any shows that are "must see" where we make sure we are in front of the tv at certain time every week. We usually just flip through when we are laying down in bed.


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Is that the new one with Bear Grylls? I used to follow Man vs Wild very closely, but didn't watch much of the last season. I really like Bear. Did you know he's a Christian? He has a good blog, and shows a sincere appreciation for God's glory in creation.

Yes, that is the show. We like Man vs Wild too. I didn't know he is a Christian.

Andrew, I forgot about AFV. We will watch that sometimes too. I am starting to sound like all I do is watch TV and I don't even know that I watch a full hour a week.


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1. Heroes (when's the season gonna start?)

I have sad, sad news for you... The series was cancelled mid-story. You can read about it here.

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In no particular order:

1. House
2. Fringe
3. The Office (agree about the decline here)
4. MythBusters
5. Bizzare Foods
6. Heroes (previously)


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We used to watch 24. :( And we usually catch Kitchen Nightmares with Gordon Ramsay. But after a while you realize the show is very formulaic and some of it seems like a staged drama rather than a reality show. (Surprise.) And now I'm suspicious of what's really going on in restaurants out of sight. Oh well, more motivation to cook at home.

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In no particular order I DVR the following shows (I have not watched something live in a while).

1) House

2) Law & Order

3) Pardon the Interruption

4) Around the Horn

5) Worst Case w/ Bear Grylls

6) Deadliest Catch

7) Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares



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Also, in no particular order:
1. 24 - now gone
2. Lost - now gone
3. Big Bang Theory
4. CSI ( all three) -losing interest.

I guess I'll be doing a lot more reading!


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No special order either -

1. The Closer (on TNT)
3. Criminal Minds
4. CSI (original, and, like Jim, losing interest)


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heroes till it ended
lost till it ended and stunk up my tv
flash forward till it ended (yesterday)
the office
parks and recreation
starting to get into prison break


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I used to watch Malcolm in the Middle when it was on - and a few years ago when my children were small, they were showing old series of I dream of Jeanie in this country.
Both of those were a complete hoot.
Haven't really watched much since that golden age...


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... and I watched Sesame Street when the family was the right age for that. It was brilliant.
Does anyone else remember The Coconut Counting Man....?
You can get for eg The Elephant Elevator Operator and Bert's Blanket on youtube, but for some reason not the Coconut counting man

Rich Koster

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House (losing interest because it is more about the characters than the mystery cases)
BBC news
Random cooking shows on PBS and New Jersey Network
Occasional NCIS & CSI (don't they all open with The Who?)


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"House Hunters International" (except for segments dealing with gay or unmarried couples)
"Say Yes to the Dress" (mute button handy)
"Bodacious (fill in the blank: houseboats, backyards, kitchens, etc.)"
"Ice Road Truckers" (again, mute button handy)
History Channel shows about things like the sinking of the Titanic; anything that involves the reconstruction of old forensic evidence.



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Angels Baseball (except Sundays)
The Office (the only show on my DVR)


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Lost (sad to see it go). Flashforward (how it was cancelled and V wasn't still has me puzzled).
1. Fringe
2. Parenthood
3. How I Met Your Mother
4. The Office
5. Community
6. V
7. Castle
8. Others that I cannot remember at the moment

Michael Doyle

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I love Lost, but its over now. American Idol is fun to me, but the seasons over so i will get with the summer and studying. I will certainly keep watching dvd`s of movies.


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There are some that i liked but are no longer making shows or have become shows that i don't really like.

Right now i like...

Criminal Minds (but it's getting a little old)
NCIS (but i'm starting to get tired of it)


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It's funny but, I pay for cable and get economy something on a special they had and never watch it. I turn it on once in a while to watch PBS or maybe something like World's Dumbest Criminals on TruTV. I pay 20 bucks a month so I can get 10 bucks a month off of my internet bill. The cheapest tv they have is 15, so I went for the offer for 20.
I used to watch Law and Order, and Criminal Minds, all the Law and Orders and CSI's and Heroes when it first came on. I saw Lost when it first came on and quickly lost interest. It made no sense whatsoever to me. When I am not watching R.C. Sproul or something else good on the internet, I get over to Hulu and watch some GOOD TV when I want to rot my brain. Adam 12, Dragnet, Emergency!, Lost in Space, Land of the Giants, Outer LImits, all the good stuff from childhood. I am proud to say I saw every episode that I could find of Highway Patrol with Broderick Crawford! :D They don't make good stuff like that anymore. I've got Bibles on DVD and R.C. Sproul on VHS when the TV selection is really awful. And when all else fails, there are some good audio books and audio Bibles when my eyes won't focus to read anymore.:candle:


I use to watch a lot of Andy Griffith but we don't have it in this area (we don't have cable). I like quite a few programs on PBS. I have the MLB.com channel and watch a fair amount of baseball, mostly the Cardinals. Watch a fair amount of news programs. I'm finding I have less and less time to watch TV.
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