What are your thoughts on Alistair Begg in this shortish video?

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Alaister's latest comments (the triple down) are even more concerning.

I don't have the video right now but I watched him claim essentially that it is the Pharisees that were the separatists, and that he doesn't see it the same way because he was brought up in European evangelicalism rather than American fundamentalism.

This is getting worse.

If a gay couple I know invite me to dinner, I would go and preach the Word laying out the Biblcal definition of sin and why homosexuality is included. They would repent - either of sin or inviting me hahaha.

Matthew followed Jesus and invited him to dinner and all his friends were tax collectors and sinners.

If a gay family member invites me to their "wedding", that would be tantamount to asking and seeking approval for the sin.

His reasoning first was that we should accept based on their assessment/opinion/evaluation of us as "loving". He thinks we need to be seen as loving both Biblically and in their own eyes as well, seeming to forget these two views of "loving behavior" are incompatible.

Now, if we do not see it the way he does, we are Pharisees?

EDIT: I don't need the video. Apparently, the one I saw was a clip of the full public statement shared.
Perhaps the real Pharisees are those who are establishing moral laws that go beyond the biblical text? Thou shalt love gay couples by attending their wedding?
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