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Travis Fentiman

Puritan Board Freshman
What day was Christ crucified on?

The answer greatly affects how one understands the events and flow of Christ’s whole Last Week, which events form a significant share of the Gospels. The issue will be of very practical import to preachers who preach through Christ's Last Week.

The options are: Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. Wednesday, if I may say (and I don't mean to offend) is a bit fringe, but surprisingly popular, especially as it seems to take '3 days and 3 nights' literally. The Thursday view has risen greatly in popularity in the last several decades amongst evangelical scholars.

This newly made webpage provides in-depth resources defending the majority view of Church History (ever hear of Maundy Thursday & Good Friday?), that Christ ate the Passover on Thursday, the 14th of Nisan, and was crucified on Friday the 15th of Nisan.

A good and safe principle in theology is to never take a minority view until one knows at least all of the reasons for the majority view.

Hope these resources are helpful to you, and that you find them a blessing.


Puritan Board Doctor
In Jewish thinking, a "day" can stand for all of a day or a part of a day. So, "3 days and 3 night," regarding Jesus' time in the tomb, is usually taken to mean "3 days - as in part of Friday (1), all of Saturday (2), and part of Sunday (3)."

As to what day our Lord was crucified, Friday appears to be the best answer, as it best supports the "3 days" between His burial and His resurrection since all are agreed that He rose early on Sunday morning.
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