What is it to forsake the world?

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Puritanboard Amanuensis
Ralph Erskine (The Vanity of Earthly Things, etc.), Sermons 1:255:

What is it to forsake the world? We might give both a negative and a positive reply to this. Negatively, It is not to go out of the world. It is not to forsake personal society; though a vicious society must be forsaken. It is not to vow a voluntary poverty, with the Papists. It is not to be idle and improvident. But, positively, we are to forsake it in the four following respects.
1. In respect of the immoderate use of the enjoyment of the world, 1 Cor. 7:29-31. We are to use it as stewards that are to give an account.
2. In respect of service. Be not servants or slaves to it; for you cannot both serve God and mammon.
3. In respect of confidence: trust not to it. Although you have worldly advantages make them not your staff, your stay, your choice jewels.
4. In respect of adherence: be not glued to the world. Let not the world be like the skin on the hand, that will not easily come off; but like the glove on your hand, or the hat on your head, that you can easily part with.​
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