What is QAnan

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I subscribe to Wall Street Journal and keep apps for their electronic and print editions on my phone along with the BBC and the Associated Press. The AP is far from transparent, but it provides a quick news stream that may be confirmed by other sources.

For years I have eschewed "conservative" broadcast organizations because I could not stand the vitriol they encouraged. Rush was mildly entertaining at first, but I quickly grew tired of his obnoxious behavior. Lately I've stopped following friends on Facebook who keep calling those of us who use facemasks "sheeple."

I am by no means always as gentle as I should be, especially when exasperated, but I am greatly disheartened when Christianity and the right and conservative news organizations get admixed. That is precisely the intersection that allows the QAnans of the world to flourish.
How does the average person "fact check" any news source to judge its accuracy and reliability? Other than Scripture, what source would we use as our fact checking standard?

Its hard to know who to trust any more. Maybe there was massive voter fraud, maybe not. NYPost just turned on Trump over the matter. Doesn't seem like Pence is really going along with it. If its a fabrication, there goes a lot of right leaning alt news sources.
QAnon is a conspiracy theory that developed on a forum populated by neo-nazis called 8chan. Not everyone who used 8chan believed in the conspiracy theory of QAnon but it's an important fact that QAnon started there. 8chan has since been shut down after several young men were radicalized to the point of conducting terrorist attacks. The most notable being Brenton Tarrant in Christchurch, NZ and John Earnest in Poway, CA both of whom posted their manifestos on 8chan riddled with unique insider jokes and language of 8chan. A depressing fact is that Earnest is the son of an OPC elder. While these men likely don't subscribe to QAnon, QAnon comes from the same pit of lies.

The QAnon conspiracy is that Trump is also a neo-nazi in agreement with the popular beliefs on 8chan. Trump wants to drain the swamp of the marxists, child-sacrificing satanists, and zionist Jews in power, but he can't out-right say that on the TV so he must instead work behind the scenes. A man "inside" the Trump administration one way or another wanted to let 8chan know and have hope in Trump, so this man chose to post on 8chan to let them know that this is all true. On 8chan most people chose to talk with the screen name of "Anonymous" or "Anon." To distinguish himself from the other "Anons" this man identified himself as "QAnon." As proof that this is all true, QAnon would post cryptic messages of what Trump was about to do and what is going on behind the scenes. These cryptic messages would be vague enough for someone to extrapolate any future event as "fulfilling" his proof. Some of this garbage flowed into other places outside of 8chan like facebook, especially so after 8chan got shut down. Stay away from it.

I'm angered and saddened that this vile garbage has infected evangelical churches. I believe that some people (rightly) are repulsed by anti-Christian sentiments in our government and society but are too quick to unequally yoke themselves with others who say they don't like our government and society too.

I didn't realise being opposed to Marxism, satanism, paedophilia and child sacrifice was being a "Nazi".

Qanon followers are not Nazis. They are boomers. The problem with Qanon is that it isn't true.
Just for clarification: There is no denying that the super-socialist idea of a so-called "build back better" scheme is being ballyhooed worldwide by progressives. But are you also saying that various trappings typically attached to the movement by conspiracists should also be taken as fact (e.g. covid was intentionally created and spread as a gateway to introducing a new world order that will abolish personal ownership and property rights, impose martial law, impose mandatory vaccination, create isolation camps for people who resist, etc.)?

Well all those things are happening. So I suppose the question is: does it much matter if it was all planned beforehand or our leaders just saw an opportunity?
If you need Qanon to know the media lies, manufactures consent, and are in the pockets of the same global forces that owns our politicians, you need to go back to sleep.

Whatever the media and a majority of their experts say, believe the opposite is probably true. That’s basically where we‘re at.....
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