What is the second death?

Wretched Man

Puritan Board Freshman
I've long thought the "first death" is our physical death and the "second death" is experienced only by the unsaved who die spiritually, being cast into Hell (i.e. Revelation 20-21). However, I was considering that we are described as already being dead in our trespasses (e.g. Colossians 2:13) prior to faith and needing to be born again (e.g. John 3:3).

Is our second death actually our physical death? And does this second death for unbelievers entail their physical death along with being cast into Hell?

I'm struggling with this....


Puritan Board Freshman
The first birth is the birth of the body and soul/spirit.
The soul/spirit of a person is stillborn however - dead, unresponsive to the things of God, the Spirit, Christ.
The second birth is the resurrection of the soul/spirit through the working of God through his Word.

The first death is the death of the body - aka separation of body and soul/spirit.
At the resurrection, body and soul are reunited.
The second death is the death of the soul/spirit. It is the final separation from God, eternal judgment.