What To Do With Your Christmas Money

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Don Kistler

Puritan Board Sophomore
Here are the proposed Northampton Press titles for 2021.

"A Guide to Go to God" by WIlliam Gouge, his treatment of the Lord's Prayer. Foreword by Derek Thomas. This is at the printers now with a scheduled release of 1/15/2021.

"The Covenant of Works," by John Colquhoun. A companion volume to his "Covenant of Grace," already in print.

"The Way of the Spirit in Bringing Souls to Christ," by Thomas Allen.

"The Abuse of Grace" by Nicholas Claget

"Puritan Preachers: Joseph Alleine," a collection of his sermons previously unpublished since the 1600's.

"The Saints' Happiness," by Jeremiah Burroughs. A completely retyped edition of his 41 sermons on the Beatitudes.
I just ordered this for me. Hub has had overtime work but with five kids, wives, and grandkids the budget was busted. But I really- really!- wanted it. Reviews are so positive, if you are into creationism subjects.

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