What to Read Regarding Old and New Covenant Believers

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I am looking for a book that will help me compare the believers in the new and old covenants and any contrast between those in the new covenant who are gentiles vs. those who are Jews by birth.

I have a solid background in covenant theology and recently read Vos' Biblical Theology. My questions stem from my recent conviction that Romans 11 is teaching a later in-gathering of the descendants of Abraham. I mentally debated this point for weeks, including some discussion on the board and reading John Murray on Romans. While I don't care to revisit the Romans 11 question, I would love some guidance on the relationships mentioned earlier in this post. Thanks!


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Messianic Judaism is Not Christianity: A Loving Call to Unity: Amazon.co.uk: Stan Telchin: Books

Stan Telchin is a Jewish Christian who is critical of the attempts by some Jewish Christians and some Gentile Christian Jewophiles, to re-erect walls between Jewish and Gentile Christians in the form of "Messianic Judaism"

His book about his conversion is also of interest.

Judaism is Not Jewish: A Friendly Critique of the Messianic Movement: Amazon.co.uk: Baruch Maoz: Books

Likewise Baruch Maoz, who is a Jewish Christian, who is recently retired from pastoring a congregation in Israel, and is critical of "Messianic Judaism."

There are many different strands of Judaism and a large percentage of Jews are secular and do not attend the synagogue or keep to the food laws, etc.

For "observant", religious Jews, The Talmud (Volumes and volumes of "Oral Law") overlays the Torah (Pentateuch) and Tanakh (Old Testament) as it did in Jesus' day - except it wasn't written down in Jesus' day and may have been called the Mishnah and/or Gemara.

The Essential Talmud: Amazon.co.uk: Adin Steinsaltz: Books

The above is an introduction to the awful Talmud by a Jewish scholar.

See also books/articles on possible references to Christ and Christianity in the Talmud.
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