When Did You Buy Your First Bible?

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Let's see how many remember:

When did you buy your first Bible with your own money? How old were you? What translation did you buy? How did you get the money? Do you remember where you bought it? Do you still have it?
I was 17, a new Christian and I went to my local bookshop and bought a KJV. I remember reading "authorised version" and i thought to myself that must be the one, don't want an unauthorised version :lol:. I was soon pointed in the way of a more contemporary version . The old KJV got damaged when i took it to work as i was a painter and decorator at that time.
As a child, I would go with my mom to our local Christian bookstore (Hackman's) and I would amuse myself by looking at the variety of Bibles: big, small, large print, and microscopic print. When I was 13 or 14 I finally got to buy the one I wanted: a small (almost notecard sized) NIV Bible in blue leather and a snap closure.

I used that Bible on and off for the next 30 years. I added a study Bible in high school and, in the last decade, an electronic Bible. I "don't have it" anymore as my daughter claimed it a couple of years ago .
I went to SS at a local FWBC as an early teenager and got a personalized gift KJV Bible with the iddy biddy print. If I recall correctly, that was my first Bible.
My first Bible I purchased was a compact NASB 95 (at the time it was just NASB). I was using an esv student study Bible that my parents had gotten me before that, but a lot of people had said that the NASB was apparently the “most accurate” so I wanted to get one. I switched back to ESV for a variety of reasons and haven’t looked back.
My mom found recently that upon my dedication as an infant (Baptist church) we received a small New Testament in the KJV translation. I now have it in my possession. It looked unused since that time. There were several NIV84 given by the church, as that was our Bible all throughout my childhood, including a small print NIV hardcover given upon my baptism (at age 9). The first Bible I remember buying myself was a John MacArthur study Bible in NASB95 from a Lifeway bookstore when I was around 13(?). I was not even aware of Calvinism or who John MacArthur was at the time, but I wanted a Bible with lots of deep notes and this one looked the most thorough.
Berean's, a local Christian store when I was around 12. Sadly the place closed down. It was an NIV.
I bought a thinline NIV in 1984 or 1985, near the end of my time in college, because the NIV my parents had given me while in high school was getting ragged and was bulkier than I liked for carrying to church and campus Bible studies. I still have that thinline NIV, and it has proven useful as it is the much-loved 1984 edition that is no longer printed. I consult it often when working with writers who are using NIV 1984. Sometimes the pages get out of order.
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It's funny to think about because I've been a Christian since my early adult life, but I think I made my first Bible purchase only a few years ago. I've always had a Bible in my possession because they were a gift or were picked up for free somewhere.
I bought an NIV Study Bible back in 1991, when I was 13. It's at my parents' house, and it still in relatively good condition.
I ordered a NKJV from the Christianbook website a couple of years ago at the age of 22. I had several KJV Bibles from growing up, but decided to purchase this Bible after coming out of a dark time when I walked away from God. Truthfully, I never ended up using this Bible all that much as I switched to ESV shortly after ( I’m now back to primarily using KJV/NKJV).
My father was a minister so I always had a shelf of Bibles growing up (KJV, NIV Student Bible, Living Bible, Schofield Reference, Thompson Chain Reference) but none I actually bought myself. I bought 2 around the time I got married: a facsimile of the 1599 Geneva and The Comparative Study Bible (A parallel of the NIV, NASB, Amplified Bible, and KJV). The session of our church where we were members at the time Tolle Lege Press republished the 1599 Geneva in modern type/spelling bought a copy for every household. I'm still using it.
For a long time I used bibles that had been bought for me by family. Then in 2010 my house was destroyed in a fire and so I finally bought my own bible that year. It was an ESV single column. I was 22 at the time and sadly I no longer have this bible as it fell apart
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