Where would you visit in New England?

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I am planning on taking a course at PRTS on the New England Fathers. A year ago we moved to New Jersey and now my wife and I are planning on taking a trip through New England. What places are a must to see while in New England especially pertaining to the founding Fathers? Where would you go to retrace this beautiful history?

Thanks for your help!


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Plymouth Rock (Massachusetts)
Independence Hall and surrounding area (Philadelphia)
US Constitution Museum (Philadelphia)
Colonial Williamsburg (Virginia)
Mount Vernon (Virginia)


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I would find it interesting to see whatever Jonathan Edwards history may have been preserved at Princeton and to go by his towns including Northampton, Conn. I like submarine history and would love to go by the Nautilus available for tours at New London (?). Boston is lovely, especially if you ditch your car in the 'burbs and take the T. In addition to the US historical places, their art museum is lovely and the museums at Harvard are worth a visit. (I don't recall which one, but one of the Harvard museums shows flowers that had been made in glass to teach botany and horticulture. I hope the exhibits have have been updated since I was there in the late '80s when the display info mostly leaned toward acknowledging benefactors.) And the book and music stores around the square are fun.


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Don't neglect visiting New Englands puritan waste basket, Rogue Island. First baptist church in the colonies, first synagogue in the colonies and the apex of the Rum Triangle and Quaker abolitionism. We even have a statue of the flogged Obadiah Holmes on the island. I'm currently worshipping with a fine RP congregation in Providence whose mother church is in Cambridge. If you'd like to join us for worship or would like to contact someone in the Cambridge or Providence areas, shoot me an email. Newport is special if you have never been. RI is truly worth a visit to see how the Bay Colony dealt with its miscreants!

P.S. Scott - Philadelphia is not New England and Virginia is the deep south to the of us up here!

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I went to Boston back in 1999 and enjoyed it. Saw a Red Sox game and did the "Freedom Trail" walk. If you were to stay in Boston, I understand it's a short drive to go to places like Vermont (I wish I had done that when I went).


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I would recommend checking out the Green Mountains of southwestern Vermont. Beautiful area with lots of history, although I cannot point you to any specific landmarks within the mountains. The history of Vermont, especially of Ethan Allen and the Green Mountain Boys, is quite fascinating. A very unique place. While you're up that way you might want to check out Fort Ticonderoga (over NY border) on Lake Champlain. Very beautiful area with lots of history, too.

Green Mountains - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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The Boston area probably has the better end of important and interesting historical sites with the location of Bunker Hill, Fanuel Hall, and the home of John Adams in nearby Braintree. Plymouth rock is a short trips south and is where the Pilgrims landed in these here United States (before of course we we're the United States). George Whitefield preached his last sermon in Exeter, New Hampshire and died (and buried under the pulpit) of a Presbyterian (now PCUSA I believe) church in Massachusetts. Salem is full of tourism sites on the Salem Witch Trials (along with countless neo-pagan/Wiccan shops capitalizing on the event). My very own town of Hillsborough, New Hampshire is home to the Franklin Pierce (our 14th presidents) homestead.

Go to the White Mountains in Northern New Hampshire if your looking to go in Summer or Fall and like hiking/kayaking/nature.


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Although outside of the New England region, but very much tied to our Founding Fathers, Washington D.C.

Renting bicycles for the Mount Vernon trail might be both historic and great recreation. It's hard to believe all this goes through D.C.
The Mount Vernon Trail
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