Which are Calvin's best commentaries?

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Jash Comstock

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I just gave away his commentary on Genesis as a gift, which I found phenomenal. I also have his five volume set on Jeremiah and Lamentations, and his series on the Minor Prophets. I was wondering which ones my fellow PB'ers found particularly exceptional and why?


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Look for the commentaries which have his prayers associated with the commentaries. That is what I was told. Not just his comments but his prayers.


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Well I have just about everything from Calvin that you can get in english and I will say that his sermons are the cream of the crop. There is a mixture of his commentaries and institutes in his sermons. They are also very easy to understand. Calvin goes line by line, verse by verse expositing the Scriptures. I would suggest getting his sermons on Ephesians or Galatians and digging into Calvin.

As for his commentaries I can't think of one that stands out from the rest. They are all good. I refer to his commentaries first before I look elsewhere.


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Usually, whichever one you've read most recently seems like the best one. However attempting to review calmly, Colossians stands out as receiving a particularly excellent treatment from Calvin.


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That's kind of like asking which are Schubert's best lieder.

Or which are Ben and Jerry's best ice creams.

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I love his commentaries on the Pastoral Epistles, as well as the Major and Minor Prophets, and the Pentetauch and the Gospels oh and not to mention Paul's letters and the Catholic epistles and one cannot forget his commentary on Hebrews.


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Some think his commentary on the Psalms (published in 1557) is his best, and the most thorough. In the standard Baker Books reprint, it comes to nearly 2,400 pages.
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