Which Book Collection/works do you prefer?

Pick your top 5 if one is too hard;)

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Out of this list which book collection would you purchase (if money was not an issue) or if you have them all ;)what has been the most valuable to you?

PS Feel free to enlighten me on any other works that I have not included :)


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I voted from only from those I've been exposed to: Owen, Calvin, and Bunyan (although I accidentally didn't vote for him).


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plus Jeremiah Burroughs and Thomas Watson (not on your list -- for shame!)


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It's hard to go wrong with Calvin. His sermons are treasures of practical teaching and Christian living, his polemical writings are deep and thoughtful, and his commentaries are still something of the standard for biblical exposition. He has long been my favorite author (and not just because I'm a calvinist!)

Brooks is likewise clear, fresh, and practical. Always a pleasure.

Edwards and Owen are very good but tend more toward the "brainy" side of theology. The more I read of it the more I appreciate the "simple" encouragement for the Christian as opposed to controversy.

Ryle is one of the clearest and most endearing theological writers of the 19th century (the dark ages of writing and typography :) )

Henry is great and I have benefited much from him. His style is much more "applying" than "expositing". Bunyan is similar, but I find I can only take so much of his style from his general writings. He's more flowery than I'm used to and seems better in smaller doses.

Flavel I have read little of, but I know Archibald Alexander encouraged his students to read him completely through.


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No Thornwell or aBrakel or Bavinck or Warfield or Burroughs or Bannerman or Turretin? Eh, I'll go ahead and vote on what's there...


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unfortunately there was only 25 spots for the poll so a few had to be left off the "team"

Watson is definitely one of my favourites! I didn't include him because a lot of his works are puritan paperback.

Thanks for the detailed response Logan! Very helpful.

Ben, maybe in 300 plus years your works will be included on the list ;) haha


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Where is Thomas Manton? I would have voted for him if he had been on the poll. Thomas Boston is also very very important.

Alan D. Strange

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Many greats have already been cited, so I won't repeat them.

Where are the Princetonians? Warfield was mentioned (and Alexander, offhandedly), though neither Miller nor the Hodges. I would also add Vos and Machen.



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Interesting. I did not know Bavinck and Burroughs were such influential writers. Manton I should of included.

I based my list mostly from "Meet the Puritans"

Thanks all for the responses!
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