Who or which traditions qualify as 'Reformed'?

Discussion in 'Church History' started by Ben Zartman, Mar 13, 2018.

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    Great Podcast. Listened to it earlier. I’m Glad he made it clear that being Reformed is Holding To 3FU And WCF. I’m pretty sure he would consider 2nd Helvétic Reformed too even though he didn’t mention it. It was just a overview but it was good. :)
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    Vic, I am late to the party here, but since when has that stopped me from offering my opinion? :)

    When I was new to the PB I took umbrage with the esteemed Matthew Winzer over his not accepting my self-identification as Reformed. It took me a few years to come to a better understanding of what being Reformed means; both in the historical and modern sense. Historically, Baptists are not Reformed. I can say that now without feeling as though I am missing out by not being part of "the club". I am not a paedobaptist and I am not Presbyterian, ergo I am not Reformed in the historical sense.

    What about the modern sense? As others have pointed out, the term has morphed given the re-emergence of Calvinism, neo-Calvinism, and the Reformed Baptist movement. I can understand why this may cause some angst among my Presbyterian brethren. Words mean things and it can be frustrating to watch words be redefined. As you stated, Reformed Baptists have been instrumental in promoting Reformed soteriology, confessionalism, and an RPW approach to worship. Reformed Baptists certainly are Reformed friendly. Sadly, some of my Presbyterian friends have lamented that the confessionalism, approach to the RPW and the Sabbatarian position of many Reformed Baptists is more Reformed than the truly Reformed. I suppose that is an expected result of taking something for granted for such a long period of time. Perhaps some of what is happening in Reformed Baptist circles can rekindle what is missing in some Presbyterian churches and denominations?
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    This might be simplistic, but My experience has been that its
    Christian -Presbyterian-Reformed
    The Baptists tend to maintain their distinctiveness even in how we view Covenant theology.
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