Who Would You Like to Have Lunch With?


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If we're talking about significant figures in church history, Sarah Edwards. She was much more convivial than her husband and likely could speak at length on his theology. (I sought out this grave site in Princeton a few years ago.)


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So many I could fill a banquet hall. As far as meeting people who I have not or cannot in this lifetime...
I think it would be interesting to meet my husband's Covenanter ancestor who was martyred...I have read his last will and testament and puzzled his story together that I feel like I really know him and feel he truly is my family also.

In more of a mystery to family history, I have hints of a German ancestor who seems to have..."switched" to the Protestant France side of some of the French Protestant/German Catholic tussles along the border and wow what a crazy story that would be to hear, especially since as far back as I know on both sides of my family I am one of the first Protestant Christians to be in my lineage for hundreds and hundreds of years...so to hear a little more about this ancestor, a woman, who seems to have taken a different path would be a super interesting story to hear. But, alas, she basically dropped off of the family records around a lot of the time where I would most like to hear what happened!


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You backslider. You did not mention Calvin, Manton or even Brakel as that backup :lol:
Well I figure if I can’t dine with Mel, then I should at least meet do dinner with a guy that can demonstrate for me the the purest form of my own flesh. Of course if with Sméagol I would go with roasted cat meat.
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