Why am I so averse to die?

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Blueridge Believer

Puritan Board Professor
Why am I so averse to die?

(James Meikle, "A Periodic Interview
with the King of Terrors")

Why am I so averse to die?

Why not leap for joy at an invitation to go to
my Father's kingdom, and my Father's throne?

The troubles which attend me, and the sins
which attack me--make me weary of this life.

And the joys that await me--make me
long for my heavenly home.

O! it is a sad proof that I know not . . .
the emptiness of the creature,
nor the sinfulness of sin,
nor the nature of the heavenly bliss,
nor the excellency of communion with God
--that I do not loathe this life more,
nor long for my heavenly home more.

The heir of an eternal world should not care
much about a world which passes away.

Such oceans of bliss, such rivers of joy and
spiritual delight, such wonders of glory and
overflowings of love--shall be revealed to,
and pour in on the soul--as shall quite blot
out the remembrance of all the trifling
distresses of our transitory life!
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