Why Jonathan Edwards Got Fired

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I thought this was the real reason:

Originally posted by Puritanhead on 8/24/2005

But since you cannot get enough information about alcohol consumption than perhaps you should discover the old puritan classics on alcohol consumption... there is veritable treasure trove of unread books on alcohol consumption out there... Lets see there is...

God Gave Grog! (1623) Bluebeard the Calvinist
Poureth thine Ale Oh Lord! (1675) John Owen
Jehovah-Yayin: The Lord That Giveth A Bountiful Overflow of Wine (1749) Jonathan Edwards [the real reason Edwards left Northampton]
God Gave Whiskey by Jonathan Mayhew (1769)
Moonshinin' for the Lord! by Daniel Shay (1788)
Drinking with Calvin and Luther by Jim West (2003)
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