William Fletcher: Twelve questions for hyper-Covenanters concerning political dissent

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Reformed Covenanter

Cancelled Commissioner
Quest. 1. You profess yourselves, to be the genuine successors of our worthy Covenanters; but can you mention any one of these who, in the persecuting period, refused to obey the king as supreme, in things lawful, till he became an absolute tyrant?

Q.2. Doth God require Christians to profess principles, which they must of absolute necessity contradict in practice?

Q.3. Is it not evident, even yourselves being judges, that you cannot reduce to practice a single jot of your political principles, except your refusing to pray for government?

Q.4. Were the precepts delivered by Paul, Rom. xiii. 1-7. of any use to Christians, before Christianity became the established religion in the Roman empire?

Q.5. Do you believe, that Paul, in the passage above quoted, commanded the Christians at Rome to render tribute, custom, fear, honour, to magistracy in the abstract …? ...

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