William Gouge's "The Whole Armor of God"

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Don Kistler

Puritan Board Sophomore
I am very excited about our next title. It is by William Gouge (1575-1653), a prominent member of the Westminster Assembly of Divines. He is the author of a book we recently published on the Lord’s Prayer, “A Guide to Go to God.”

This is “The Whole Armor of God,” his exposition of Ephesians 6:10-20. It is 584 pages in length, the last 200 on prayer as a piece of the armor. Appendixed at the end is a 60 page treatment of “The Sin Against the Holy Ghost.”

This book has just gone to the printers and is scheduled to be ready to ship by the end of May.

The retail price on this massive work is $50. Your price is $35, plus $8 postage.

This is a one time reprint due to the size of the book and the cost to publish. So once it’s gone, it’s gone.

Lovers of the Puritans are familiar with William Gurnall’s “The Christian in Complete Armor,” published by the Banner of Truth. Gouge’s book was published in 1616, the year William Gurnall was born. These are 2 separate works.

Here is an endorsement from Dr. Joel Beeke: “All of Puritan William Gouge’s writings are eminently biblical, sound, practical, wise, and sanctifying. Don Kistler is to be commended for bringing his once well-known work, The Whole Armor of God, back into print in a modern, lightly edited edition. This is long overdue. For too long this valuable work on Christian armor has been overshadowed by William Gurnall’s massive work on the same subject, but Gouge’s work is every bit as worthy—and considerably shorter, even at 583 pages! If you are serious as a Christian about growing in grace and holiness and fighting the good fight of faith, you will definitely profit immensely from reading this challenging yet encouraging work. Highly recommended!”

–Dr. Joel R. Beeke, President, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, Grand Rapids, Michigan

To order go to https://www.donkistler.org/store/p71/The_Whole_Armor_of_God.html#/

Again, this book is at the printers now and is scheduled for a late May release.


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Wow it's a big one!

I'm slightly embarrassed to confess I recognise the cover image from the game Dark Souls which I used to play an number of years ago..
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