William Perkins - Judicial Law


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Does anyone happen to know if Williams Perkins wrote about the judicial laws, specifically, whether certain judicial laws are still binding today and/or whether he discussed the meaning of "general equity"? If so, do you know where Perkins might have discussed those issues? The Collected Works of Perkins are several volumes and quite voluminous, so I'm hoping to track down the (hopefully) one volume that's applicable here. Thank you.


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I'm glad we can have a theonomy thread to help offset the activity the TR threads are getting. :)

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I have a few extracts from him (he says more elsewhere, but I have not published everything that I have read by him on the subject):

His book on witchcraft is especially worth consulting on this issue.


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Thanks a lot Reformed Covenanter, this is very helpful. Jake - That's funny, as I didn't think I'd be starting a theonomy thread. Thanks