William Twisse's mention of Pierre Du Moulin's views of reprobation

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    Again, Mr. Moulin, being very orthodox in the point of Election, as you are, varieth from us, as you do, in the point of Reprobation; maintaining, Reprobation to be instituted upon the foresight of man’s final impenitency, in his Anatome Arminianismi. Corvinus an Arminan, hath taken him to task in a work of his, and is never a whit the more forward to concur with us in the point of Election, because Moulin concurs with them in the point of Reprobation. Nay, what do Papists say about Durham, by occasion of our complying with them, but this, They need not comply with us, for we come fast enough forwards to comply with them.

    William Twisse, A treatise of Mr. Cotton’s, Clearing certain doubts concerning predestination. Together with an examination thereof (London: Andrew Crook, 1646), p. 143.

    Thoughts? What exactly does he mean about what the "Papists say about Durham"? Ever heard about this matter, @NaphtaliPress?
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