Willing to exchange book collection for book transcription.

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Hello all.
I would like to exchange the following books below, in their entirety for the services of typing out 4 volumes of Joseph Caryls "Observations on Job." These volumes consist of about 3,000 or so pages. There is no rush on this project, as the window for completion can be as quick as you can do it, or as long as 16 months. The following books are in average; but very usable condition. All of them were bought used. This would be perfect for an up and coming pastor or theologian to kind of fill in their library if they are going the physical book route. I can break them up and send out a "block" of them with each volume completed; but, this project wouldn't be to get a block or two and then quit, but to commit to doing them all unless the Lord irreversibly intervenes. Again, book conditions are fair-good, some sets are mixed format/editions. This would really be not for the collector, but for someone looking to stock their bookcase with theological texts. Let me know, and God Bless.

Theological Dictionary of the Old Testament (15 vols.)
Theological Dictionary of the New Testament (10 vols.)
New International Dictionary of Old Testament Theology & Exegesis (5 vols)
New International Dictionary of New Testament Theology & Exegesis (5 vols)
Theological Lexicon of the Old Testament (3 vols)
Theological Lexicon of the New Testament (3 vols)
IVP Bible Dictionary Series (8 vols)
Anchor Bible Dictionary (6 vols)
Encyclopedia of Christianity (5 vols)
Barths "Church Dogmatics" (14 volumes)
Geislers "Systematic Theology" (4 vols)
Chafers "Systematic Theology" (8 vols)
Frames "Theology of Lordship" (4 vols)
Henrys "God, revelation, and authority" (6 vols)
Berkouwer "Studies in Dogmatics" (14 vols)
Horton "The Christian Faith"
Erickson "Systematic Theology"
Garrett "Systematic Theology" (2 vols)
Bavinck "Reformed Dogmatics" (4 vols)
Turretin "Institutes of Elenctic Theology" (3 vols)
Grudem "Systematic Theology"
Gills "Body of Divinity" (2 vols)
Culver "Systematic Theology"
Berkhof "Systematic Theology"
Letham "Systematic Theology"
Strong "Systematic Theology" (3 vols)
Oden "Systematic Theology" (3 vols)
McCune "Systematic Theology" (3 vols)
Barret "Reformation Theology"
Schaff "Creeds of Christendom" (3 vols)
Demarest "Integrative Theology" (3 vols)
Calvins Institutes
You can also message me if you are serious about bringing these to print.
Sir. I am both poor, and have almost no connections. These works will be in your hands, the minute I get them. The gentleman that is doing the transcribing is doing it verbatim just like EEBO-TCP. There is a team working on the automation and auto-correction of 5,000+ Puritan and Non-Conformist documents from EEBO-TCP. The goal is to get the transcripts, run them through the correction process, and put them in the public domain. You are more than welcome to them, to edit them, and correct them as you see fit; and to publish them to your discretion. But, please keep in mind there will be the non-edited copies in the PD, in contemporary font, for anybody to publish or use in software programs. But it will not be the same edition as your project, and your editing of these docs would be your personal work to license and do with as yall see fit. I want nothing, and I would be overjoyed for people to be able to purchase this in a HC/PB since so many believers are still physical book only. The deal with the brother typing it is a 16 month window, or Feb. 2024 for all 4 volumes to be complete. But they are yours, as a public domain doc, no questions asked when they are complete. "I" really do not want to see them in print per se. My ambition for doing this is really for the E-Sword, theWord, and the digital book/research community. But, I would love to see them in print for those who would love to see them in print if that makes sense. I will message you copies of them as soon as they are ready; if the Lord wills this project to completion.

I am only doing what I can with what I have; and since there are a ton of people with much more money, much more time, and many more connections than I, that have yet to pursue this project, this may just be the road the Lord has chosen, to bring this project one step closer to reality. I will try to save some money for someone to format it properly, and then produce print ready PDF's for self publishing; but it will have to be within the confines of someone who makes $10.60 an hour who works washing dishes and cooking. I agree that this work deserves the best; but unfortunately, as of yet, the best has been withheld from it. EEBO-TCP has done a magnificent job of transcribing 5,000+ pages of it already; all thats left is about the size of two single volume Systematics. We are so close to a starting point for perfection; which the main obstacle has been simply typing it out. If thats the only part I play, so be it. I mean no disrespect or disregard with this work; I just believe a document with grammatical errors in the hands of the Christian community, is better than great works buried in the sands of time.

My personal objective, as of now, is to complete the Puritan Index, which I had almost done using the TCP docs. But since they are going to be all corrected, I will spend another year, Lord Willing, and redo it, because the results will be magnified with correction. From there, there are works I would love to do with the index, like a Puritan Commentary on the 1689; using the index to find quotes on subjects and scriptures from the points. Another one is a multi-volume "Prayers of the Puritans," because within 5,000 works you can hunt down tons of them by simply searching "amen" or "a prayer for" that would include many more than what has previously been covered in Valley of Vison or Piercing Heaven, even though those works are the present standard, and rightly so, there are so many more Puritan prayers and devotions yet to be covered, and the Index makes hunting them down as easy as a 5 second search; copy, paste, edit. The Lord, by his providence has done amazing things for the Puritan community simultaneously; and it is not me, at all. He has created a fully searchable Puritan Index via Logos Basic, a Public Zotero Library of all the Puritan/Non-Conformist works in EEBO-TCP (still have to finish searching Lyons,) and is converting and correcting 5,000+ Puritan docs to be made into DOCX's, PDF's, and Epubs, for the entire Christian community, for free. I am just along for the ride. And while a goal of mine would be to digitize, in text, the entire Puritan/Non-Conformist Corpus, to be able to add it to the Index, these 5,000 or so, is my focus now (but not really mine because compared to what the other guys are doing, my part is nothing.) Caryl was something that could theoretically be done; my books are something that can be replaced, and by providence the Lord put it on someone's heart to do the work. Again, all this sometimes makes my head dizzy, but like I said, I am just along for the ride. My goal one day is to really dig into the Puritans; these tools are just tools I would like available to do so; when I do, if I get the chance to. Yet, God has an amazing way of making it so that everybody gets to enjoy the same tools I possibly may; and Lord willing, we will all get to enjoy them together; for free, regardless of scholar status, seminary access, income, or region. All to the glory of God alone.
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