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Hey guys, I'm sure you all are aware of Banner of Truth's reprinting of Owen's stuff. So, on an internet search today I cam across two websites that were surprising and interesting to me:

The Works of John Owen - LuLu publishing
Description: These 6 volumes contain the 23 Volume set of John Owen's Works. They are formatted in 8 point font to reduce printing costs. Volume 1 contains volumes 1 - 5.

Theaudio: The Works of John Owen
Description: Essentially, somebody ran the computer text through an automated reader, which means that you can listen to the "audio book" for loads of Owen's stuff. It's a little choppy, but it's helpful if you're reading a book, and wanting to reflect through some passages when you're not reading. Anyhow, he's done more guys like Edwards, Calvin, Augustine, and Hodge here.
Wow. It must be smaller than 8pt. The Banner edition is not much bigger than that. Do they do the 4 pages on one page like Oxford did to make the Dictionary 2 volumes?
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