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Average Joey

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I hate most modern stuff.Which is strange to most.I like a lot of 70`s and 80`s songs.



My wife listens to Air Supply and some how I started to like their songs as well.I am almost embaressed to admit.:p




I like Styx darn it!



Now some Weird Al.In my humble opinion his best parody.



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For the Genesis fans:

[video=youtube;eEq8S-WjSdE][/video] Possibly my favorite thing on YouTube. Genesis at their best.

Genesis - Squonk
Phil Collins at his best!


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421. O God of Hosts, O God of Grace. Psalm 84. 8 8 9 8 8 9 8 8.

O God of hosts, O God of grace,

How lovely is Thy holy place,

How good and pleasant is Thy dwelling!

My thirsty soul longs earnestly,

Yea, faints Thy holy courts to see

'Mid festal throngs and music swelling.

My heart and flesh cry out to God,

To Him I spread my hands abroad.

The sparrow finds a house to rest,

The swallow deftly builds her nest,

And broods her young hard by Thine altar.

O Lord of Hosts, my God, my King,

With all my soul to Thee I cling!

Hold Thou my hand, lest I should falter.

How blest are they that dwell with Thee!

They praise Thy Name continually.

Blest is the man whose strength Thou art,

Thy ways are hidden in his heart,

He treads the highway to Thy dwelling.

Though passing through a vale of tears,

Thy grace, O God, to him appears

With winged hope and power impelling.

The wilderness, by showers blest,

Is now a pilgrim's vale of rest.

From strength to strength Thy children dear

Go forward, till they all appear

In Zion's courts, God's holy mountain.

O how delightful, God of grace,

The paths of those that seek Thy face,

And yearn for waters from Thy fountain!

Jehovah, God of hosts, give ear,

O Jacob's God, in mercy hear.

O God, our shield, with face benign

Look on Thy servant, wholly Thine,

And keep him, Lord, Thou great Defender!

One day, passed in Thy house of praise,

Is better than a thousand days

Spent in the realm of earthly splendor.

Though only at Thy door I wait,

No tents of sin give joy so great.

O God Jehovah, good and kind,

On Zion's mount in clouds enshrined,

Thou art our sun and shield forever.

To upright souls that seek Thy face

Thou givest glory, truth, and grace;

E'en in death's vale Thou failest never.

O Lord of Hosts, how blest is he

Who puts his steadfast trust in Thee!

359. Conscious Dependence on God. Psalm 127. L.M.

Unless the Lord the house shall build,

The weary builders toil in vain;

Unless the Lord the city shield,

The guards a useless watch maintain.

In vain you rise ere morning break,

And late your nightly vigils keep,

And of the bread of toil partake;

God gives to His beloved sleep.

Lo, children are a great reward,

A gift from God in very truth;

With arrows is his quiver stored

Who joys in children of his youth.

And blest the man whose age is cheered

By stalwart sons and daughters fair;

No enemies by him are feared,

No lack of love, no want of care.

360. Family Happiness. Psalm 128. 8s and 7s.

Blest the man that fears Jehovah,

Walking ever in His ways;

By thy toil thou shalt be prospered

And be happy all thy days.

In thy wife thou shalt have gladness,

She shall fill thy home with good,

Happy in her loving service

And the joys of motherhood.

Joyful children, sons and daughters,

Shall about thy table meet,

Olive plants, in strength and beauty,

Full of hope and promise sweet.

Lo, on him that fears Jehovah

Shall this blessedness attend,

For Jehovah out of Zion

Shall to thee His blessing send.

Thou shalt see God's kingdom prosper

All thy days, till life shall cease,

Thou shalt see thy children's children;

On Thy people, Lord, be peace.

71. The Fearlessness of Faith. Psalm 27. H.M.

1. Jehovah is my light,
And my salvation near;
Who shall my soul affright,
Or cause my heart to fear?
While God my strength, my life sustains,
Secure from fear my soul remains.

2. When evildoers came
To make my life their prey,
They stumbled in their shame
And fell in sore dismay;
Though hosts make war on every side,
Still fearless I in God confide.

3. My one request has been,
And still this prayer I raise,
That I may dwell within
God's house through all my days,
Jehovah's beauty to admire,
And in His temple to inquire.

4. When troubles round me swell,
When fears and dangers throng,
Securely I will dwell
In His pavilion strong;
Within the covert of His tent
He hides me till the storm is spent.

5. Uplifted on a rock
Above my foes around,
Amid the battle shock
My song shall still resound;
Then joyful offerings I will bring,
Jehovah's praise my heart shall sing.


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Why is that?
I'm surprised by the selections offered. The puritans entered upon every task as a sacred task. Even entertainment was subject to the scrutiny of Scripture. Shouldn't we be doing the same?

[Let me be clear!!! I'm not a perfect christian, but one striving against the flesh and sin. I don't make the best choices all of the time either, but I'm seeking to walk in the Spirit.]

The text at the head of this forum is "Then David and all the house of Israel played music before the LORD on all kinds of instruments of fir wood, on harps, on stringed instruments, on tambourines, on sistrums, and on cymbals." (2 Sam 6:5) This is one of many excellent texts to help guide us in choices of entertainment. This text highlights the principle of being "before the LORD".

The Scriptures give us liberty in applying it's principles to our choices="before the LORD", "to the praise of His glory", in accordance with his holiness -"Be ye holy holy, for I am holy."

It's strange moving from a forum discussing the holiness of God or growth in grace to another praising those whose lives and talents are spent upon sin and self.


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I hear you Bwana. The last few years I have felt a growing conviction over the fact that many of the books and tapes I have are in no way God-honoring or even edifying. I am in the process of going through them and trying to get rid of them but also I need to decide what standards I should have in my choice of entertainment. I must add that even when I decide that something has no place on my shelves any longer it can still be quite a struggle to ge rid of it.

Average Joey

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I am just kind of surprised to get a negative response.Especially,considering nothing offensive was posted.Unless Air Supply offends :lol:

Okay in all serious I am sorry and if the mods want they can delete this thread.


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the most offensive of course is the profanity, and i don't believe you were talking of mending stockings.


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No, there was nothing I found conspicuously offensive (which shows me something about myself right there). And I must admit that I listened to the Nena song a couple of times (but found it in German instead, it's much better that way.) But this is my sinful nature at work, nothing more. How can I possibly seek out this sort of entertainment to His glory? I don't know that I can...

Every few weeks, I will sort through our DVD collection (we get them here on the side of the street for about a dollar apiece - yep, it's multi-tiered worldliness) and throw out a few more. It is finally shrinking after years of growth but what gets me is how difficult I find it to throw out what is really absolute trash. If you let it in in the first place, it's ten times more difficult to get rid of (and takes ten times as long to go out the door than it should). I did find it odd to find this thread on this board, but it gives us insight into how far into the world we still are.

I am more clearly seeing my Puritanical/Calvinistic streak more clearly for what it is: more of a hobby than the full-time occupation it should be.

By the way, Air Supply is only slightly offensive...Phil Collins is much more so.;)

PS - Mnr. Mulder, dankt u voor uw bijdragen in verband met dit onderwerp - het is iets ik om door in mijn eigen leven probeer ook te werken…


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I am just kind of surprised to get a negative response.Especially,considering nothing offensive was posted.Unless Air Supply offends :lol:

Okay in all serious I am sorry and if the mods want they can delete this thread.
Aren't these really profane things, brother? These are representative of things we're working to put off. The days I spent enjoying the world's music (some of those mentioned above) were not days of thriving spirituality. They were dark days.

I'm not very familiar with YouTube so maybe I'm missing the diamonds in the rough. Anyway, this thread affords a good look at the need for the synchronizing of theology and practice (or, as it has been put, the marriage of knowledge and piety).

{Note: I don't mean this as an attack are diatribe against you or anyone else here. I'd really would be glad for your response.}

[True scenario] I have a pastor friend who was working on furthering his education at a well respected reformed seminary here on the east coast. He was sitting under the teaching of an outstanding, renowned professor who, on one particular occasion, was lecturing on the holiness of God. He ably discoursed on the wonders of God, His transcendence, His separateness from sin, His righteous zeal, etc. Having lifted the hearts of the class into the heavenlies as they considered this unique attribute of God he closed in prayer and then invited the class to join him at the local theater to view a movie rated for cursing, violence and sexuality. My pastor friend was heartbroken.

Some people have their qualms about movie theaters and the like, but that wasn't the main trouble. The trouble was the incongruity between theology and practice. So what if God is holy if there is no point in me pursuing holiness! On the contrary, God says, "Be holy because I am holy!"

This is not an isolated incident. Our churches are indundated with this sort of thing. Pristine,theological expositions full of application but lifestyles that do not reflect the theology. Granted, this is even a struggle for me--applying the truth. But should we glory in our vices? Do we see these as vices?

How do these videos aid us in our spiritual growth? There's so much out there that is BETTER! Why slink back to the things that are beggarly, that are "according to the course of this world, according to the prince of the power of the air, of the spirit that is now working in the sons of disobedience"?



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Thank you for your honesty.

These past few weeks have been particularly trying spiritually. May be why I'm so sensitive.

I came across a thread in the Spiritual Warfare forum where C. Matthew McMahon made the following statement:

The new man, however, is fighting a ferocious dying lion (for lack of a better analogy). It wants to bite, and it can hurt, but ultimately it will die. Killing it, though, is where I come in.
This is so true!!!!


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This thread is being directed away from the good intent of the OP. It would be more appropriate for those who object to the youtube clips and musical preferences of some of us to start their own thread. But since the subject has been raised, I will say a couple of things and then make reference to other threads and posts on this subject.

The suggestion has made that we should apparently not listen to the music of the unregenerate. I disagree. However, I also allow that this is a matter of personal preference and Christian liberty. The Puritans believed strongly in holiness, yes, but also they allowed for recreation and enjoyment of secular arts (see this thread). Sometimes the two clash. Not everyone will agree that it is profitable to read Homer's Iliad and the Odyssey or Milton's Paradise Lost or listen to Stravinsky or Mozart or watch The Lord of the Rings.

Here at the PB, we have a group of brethren whose views on such things often clash. There are often debates over whose view represents that of the stronger brother or the weaker. There are debates over alcohol, music, drama, holidays and many other such matters. They are all important matters. The Puritans were adamantly against Christmass-keeping (as is confirmed in our Westminster Standards) but a majority on the Puritan Board make a point to openly celebrate it and criticize those who believe it to be idolatry. There are those who say that drinking alcohol is sinful and those who argue for the Biblical liberty to do so. There are those who say that drama violates the ninth commandment while others say it does not (the Westminster Standards teach that lascivious stage plays are verbotten but they do not condemn all stage plays). There are some who have argued that some or all sports are unlawful, while others have argued for the liberty to play sports. Recreation is a touchy subject, but so is worship and baptism, frankly.

We have disagreements on all sorts of subjects from baptism to Sabbath-keeping to psalmody/hymnody, etc. All on the Puritan Board. No one is compelled to view a thread or respond to a post or click on a link if they do not wish to. And if there is a temptation to sin by listening to a "secular" song, then by all means we should strive to help one another by a) if necessary, initiating a private dialogue with the one whom you believe has sinned against you or in general, and/or not judging the same; and b) being sensitive and willing to listen to the concerns of your brethren who may not share your convictions on Christian liberty. We are a family in Christ and we ought to have the patience to hear one another out before we condemn, at the very least. I have grown weary of how the simplest thing can spiral downwards into heated debate, and many times I've thought to leave (Rod Stewart quote). But I bite my lip and turn around because Christ calls us to love one another and bear with one another. This will be my last post on this thread, but Lord willing, I'll still be around.

It is my own personal conviction that God gives common grace as well as saving grace. This is the teaching of the Puritans as well. Abraham Kuyper said, "Calvinism, on the contrary, has taught us that all liberal arts are gifts which God imparts promiscuously to believers and to unbelievers, yea, that, as history shows, these gifts have flourished even in a larger measure outside the holy circle." (Lectures on Calvinism, Calvinism and the Arts). I believe that God has gifted even unregenerate men with talents that redound to his glory and that ought not to be despised by the godly. If one is to condemn all arts composed or performed by the unregenerate, then I believe one is condeming the good blessings of God. That said, it is also my personal conviction that liberty does not mean license. Our standard for what we should "think upon" is found in Phil. 4.8: Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things. And so I would not put forth something on the PB that I think is unedifying, though it may not be everyone's taste. I have been wrong before, and am willing to be corrected. I posted on this thread with the intent to put forth some of my favorite musical selections found on youtube. I have many other artistic tastes and preferences that are not found on youtube. There are many other threads where I have shared some personal artistic interests. Some have led to condemnation, some have led to mutual enjoyment and edification. Joe was certainly not trying to stir up passions against "secular" arts with this thread. Those who would condemn the selections offered thus far might consider putting forth youtube selections of their own preference rather than diverting this thread from its intended purpose. Or inquiring about particular selections and why they are put forth. I don't agree with Nena's clothing style or anti-war message, for what it's worth, while I do appreciate her artistic talent. It is my aim to look for the good. That is why I started this thread.

Here is another thread in which it was suggested that Christians ought to be ashamed of enjoying the music of the Beatles in which Bruce had this to say:

In some ways like a church, we have both a teaching goal and a fellowship goal. And it is just on the points of doctrine that we cannot afford to have the broadest latitude. Sometimes there is a fine line between asking questions on a certain topic, and actually advocating something that is alien to our ethos. There have been several persons who clearly did not want to absorb reformed doctrine on, say, baptism or papal authority but wanted a forum to air their opposite views and gain their own disciples. The internet's a big place. I'm sure they will find other spots to pontificate.

But where the Bible, and the various confessions maintain a silence, so too we allow a wide variety of opinion. We cannot, no one may bind the conscience of another man--whether on the subject of alcohol, tobacco, rock music, or driving convertibles. Only the Bible may do that. And we make our "house rules" confessional, which is to "say together" something. To have a standard (the Bible) and house-rules is to automatically admit up front that such declarations are going to leave some people outside, for now or for good. That is too bad, but it is the reality of a world of sin and of differences not necessarily of sin.
I suppose we are viewed quite a bit, unbenownst to us. That is the nature of a public forum. And our conduct is constantly being judged. Just like it happens each and every day we wander about in our communities. And people make hasty judgments. They judge on the basis of past experience. They may be right, or way off base. Scripture tells us to "live at peace with all men" as far as lies within us. Beyond that, we cannot help if someone judges us.

If someone reads the many posts of administrators like webmaster, or Fred Greco, or posts of DTK, VH, or pastorway, and comes away thinking ill of them or this board that they run or are extremely active on, I say "shame on them" for a rush to judgment, or simply poor judgment. This board will always challenge people who come across it. For many it will be a place they cannot be at home in, for any one of a host of reasons. We will never be a mega-board, a grandma's lap where there's never anything hard or unpleasant. It will always be real here.
And other thread which condemned just about everyone who posts in the Entertainment Forum in which Joshua Wiseman had this to say:

Honestly this thread kind of blows my mind. You don't just express concern or anything, you offer indicative statements about a person's spiritual life that you've never met. "You ARE dreaming if you think you are a Christian". Or when you reference his "wicked lifestyle." Or when you say the people you disagree with are dogs returned to their vomit.

And due to the way this thread has evolved, and how that relates to the general milieu and tenor of this board, this thread has now been semi-cast in the following way: Disagree with Jeremy, and you are supporting Eyes Wide Shut and various and sundry other Bacchanalian perversions, OR support the Puritans, and godliness, and sanctification.

That's purposefully hyperbolic, but I think its semi-accurate. Webmaster's approval of the thread probably helped in that regard (not evaluating that one way or the other, but that's how a higher up's approval usually functions). And I think its evident in the fact that anyone who replies to you now has to mention and make clear that they don't support Eyes Wide Shut.

But I still think you are operating out of a Frank Peretti view of Satanic influence. When you finally busted out your treasure trove of insight and hit us up with some knowledge as to "metal", you pretty much said that people who listen to metal are weird goombas who walk around in black shirts.

And as I've said before, I worry far more about "Satanic" influence in Jessica Simpson and other seemingly "vanilla" musicians than I do in metal. Even many cultural, unregenerate, American "Christians" aren't really going to be tempted to reject God and tattoo a pentagram on their forehead. Self-righteousness, materialism, and nicely packaged sensuality are much more dangerous and Trojan-horse like to most people.

But would you have similar rage against CMT, Honky Tonk, "let's get drunk and make out" songs?

I don't know your motives. I can guess. Unlike you, I don't offer indicative, ex cathedra statements as to people's spiritual state without having met them. Come to think, I don't do that even when I have met them.

But it seems as if you're just picking an easy target and making a name for yourself. I wonder if you would have the same reaction if you had found McMahon's or Bushey's movie selections unpalatable.

And I'm not impugning the moderators here (since I'd wager they are reading)... just making a point. We all know who the big wigs are, the professors and ministers. And they have that position on the board for a reason. I mean, I lend more credence to what they say as well. Then you have the via media, the people who are still highly credible, but not "their word is oak" level... and lastly, the minions, the hobbits, and simple folk.

I seriously doubt you would have levied such an accusation against the Elronds of the board.

But here's a hypothetical... I remember a year ago, Matt & Scott said they went to see the movie Constantine w/Keanu Reeves. Now, when I read that, I was like, "Ehhhh..."

Certainly no reaction that you are having. Its just something I wouldn't personally see. Weird Romish demon-killing and what not. I personally don't like movies that use demons as entertainment. However, I realize that some movies I like are just as tempting in other ways, and viral, and realized they might have different preferences, and chalked it up to "none of my business."

Now... would you have started a post like this against them? All of your John Knox-ness aside, I daresay not. And now that I've expressed that to you, are you now going to go on a crusade against them?

Andrew (V.H.) likes some Beatles and Pink Floyd songs. And we all know that Aleister Crowley was on the cover of Sgt. Peppers. And, of course, every teenage shroom-head has the obligatory Dark Side of the Moon poster on his wall.

I GUARANTEE you that if I had started a thread and said that Andrew was a dog who had returned to his vomit, and was dreaming if he was a Christian, and that the Beatles were influenced by Aleister Crowley, psychedelics, and Indian mysticism, and then capped it off with some prima donna "Choose ye this day whom ye will serve", I would have been roundly pimp-smacked by everyone on the board.

But since its someone who is not as well known, with an "easier" (Frank Peretti) target, then its "no biggie", and we need more threads like it, yadda yadda.

And just f.y.i., Andrew, I've never interacted with you, but I have an immense amount of respect for you. Just like my examples with the webmaster, I'm just making a point. Your reputation precedes you, and honestly, you were one of the small points of sanity for me when I first came to this board... as in, you reassured me someone could be Sabbatarian, E.P., and still have like... ya' know, a sense of humor.


The beat of metal is Satanic? I dunno. I get the same prideful, macho feelings from Ride of the Valkyries. And you do realize that there is oodles of metal that isn't "Satanic", at least in your Star Wars since, right? And *my* conscience isn't pricked, because I don't even like metal that much ! Go through my ipod and you'll find more Waylon Jennings and folk Irish music... but its the principle that irks me.

But anyway. I agree with Peter, that most movies are brain poison. I think Hollywood has done *inestimable* damage to society. I think explicitly blasphemous music of any kind should be avoided. But for the life of me I see your attitude as more of a danger than Chris's music.

I mean maybe I'm the only one. I know its not "cool" to say, since I'm obviously a libertine by disagreeing with you. But seriously. Some people on this board are certainly acting like Balaam's transportation.



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Andrew, good points, and I appreciate the amount of time you obviously put into that last post. I did not mean to come across as condemning the thread or any one person, just wanted to comment on its existence on this board and the personal struggles that they give rise to. I did not intend to aid in hijacking, if that is what this was. Also, I don't think that you will see any personal attacks in the posts below, they are sincere attempts by one brother to guide another.

For the most part, these are not offensive songs in and of themselves by most standards (and I will freely, though not proudly, admit that I know many of them by heart) but I still don't know that I could easily explain time spent listening to any one of those songs before His throne on Judgment Day. Do these not fall under the sola scriptura umbrella, is this not the standard by which we are to judge whether or not they are offensive? While scripture is silent on the specifics of rock music, can we find scripturally sound lyrics or messages therein? If we can't, are they for us?

And yes, we do often hold views that clash on certain topics, but as a community of believers, we must take it upon ourselves to serve our brethren, at all times. It is always good to be zealous in a good thing, is it not? Let's just keep in mind that these concerns are motivated by brotherly love, there is no 'agenda' beyond our service to one another (if there is, by all means, criticize). Perhaps such behavior is inappropriate for this particular forum, as it is a general forum and not theological, but the "Music - Discuss all things musical" heading is still followed by scripture, so I don't know that we are in the wrong 'sphere' for theological talk, as it were.

Anyway, this is just something that I struggle with sometimes as I try to lead my family, and this is perhaps what leads to these sorts of posts. I don't mean to be a wet blanket and this can easily be taken too far (i.e. "Why are you discussing your favorite meal on this board? Should those moments not be used in discussion of scripture and faith? If you don't agree, what's wrong with you?") but the industry that produces those songs is the same one that lulls many a believer into the void. Personally, I think that the Spice Girls' "Viva Forever" plays in a continuous loop in the elevator down to hell (the words, soothing music, and dancing girls all go together to bring off a pleasant yet godless message of 'do what you want whenever you want and by all means enjoy it'.) As you can see from the previous post and the info above, I'm a certified, class A, #1 hypocrite, but I try to use this opportunity to strengthen my resolve against these sorts of things.

Another issue at hand is that my office mate has played the Blackeyed Peas' "My Hump" several times this afternoon, nice and loud too, and that has stoked the Puritanical fires more than just a wee bit.

That's my $.02, I'll let it be now.


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Ditto, Kevin!

Andrew, thank you for your response. My comments were not meant to condemn anyone (that's not my place). They were typed in brotherly concern. Even the regenerate have talents that are sometimes misused and do not bring glory to God. I want the BEST. God has given us the BEST. And, yes, he has liberated us from sin (Christian liberty at its root) to pursue His BEST. There is so much BETTER out there.

What is there on YouTube that any of you have found that is truly edifying and in keeping with Phil. 4:8? This is not another critique but an honest question. I need good, wholesome entertainment. I'll look myself.
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