1. Gwallard

    It's Here! Android Trinity Psalter Hymnal app

    I have the pleasure of telling you that the Trinity Psalter Hymnal app on Android is finally here!
  2. kodos

    [Android Beta] 1650 Split Leaf Psalter with Tunes.

    Dear Saints of the Puritan Board, There has been a need for a 1650 Digital Split Leaf Psalter for some time now. The project is in Open Beta for Android at the moment. iOS Beta will occur sometime in early February. If you are interested in opting in - see the link below...
  3. StephenG

    Looking for Opinions on Android Smartphones

    Hey all, Any avid Android users out there that can recommend an affordable yet solid all-around Android smartphone? I am on AT&T and if possible, I want to be able to use the phone without a data plan. Right now, I think my best bet may be the ASUS Zenfone 2. Thoughts? P.S.- Let's not...
  4. jandrusk

    New Scottish Psalter App on Android

    Just came across this on the Exclusive Psalmody group on Facebook. It's a new Psalter app for Android. Looks pretty nice. Just downloaded it and will be giving it a try.