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    Jesus and the Ten Commandments

    I am looking for an article that argues and demonstrates that Jesus kept each one of the Ten Commandments. I want to share such article with some dispensationalist colleagues. Please share if you know of one.
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    Law, New Testament & dispensationalism

    Which article or book do you recommend for (ex-)dispensationalists that deals specifically with the role and implications of God's laws in the New Testament? I'm an ex-dispensationalist, and I have read Sam Storms' Kingdom Come and Keith Mathison's Dispensationalism: Rightly Dividing the...
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    Sources refuting Dispensational Antinomianism

    Hello, In this thread I would like to ask for sources (articles, preferably) that specifically refute dispensational antinomianism. I personally know Christians that believe the law has been abrogated since we live under the dispensation of grace. As far as I understand, such is a clear example...