1. TheBruisedReed

    Debate Preparation: Atheism v. Christianity

    Greetings PB! I have recently been scheduled to participate in a live debate with a professing atheist. The topic for the debate, or question to be debated, is: "Is God's Existence Coherent and Congruent with Reality?" I already see that the phrasing of the question places "Reality" as the...
  2. Haeralis

    "Atheist priest" appointed as head chaplain in the British National Health Service

    It's funny how atheistic humanists always want to claim that they are not a religion and then they go and lead teams of priests to make people feel better about themselves. Also, its depressing that 53% of Britons do not believe in any religion. I pray that God touches the hearts of the people...
  3. amishrockstar

    Is "proof" beyond faith?

    Is it possible to prove/demonstrate the existence of God to an atheist (i.e. someone who doesn't accept the Bible as "proof")? If so, how can it be done effectively without using the Bible? If not, does that bother you, or are you comfortable with just saying it all comes down to "faith?" Is...
  4. M

    Anthropology of Religion apologetics

    Greetings, I'll be studying anthropology of religion as part of an International Relations curriculum starting next week. What articles can you recommend me that will apologetically engage the main topics that anthropology of religion will teach, especially those topics that will criticize...
  5. Porter

    White Debate: Is the New Testament Evil?

    Dr. White has a debate upcoming on August 30th on the topic Is the New Testament Evil? (previously to be against Christopher Hitchens, now David Silverman). My question is (and this is posed because I was too lazy to research the issue): what is the thrust of the argument that Silverman...