calvin's institutes

  1. alexanderjames

    The charge against Calvin - God and evil

    This is not something new. It’s the charge that John Calvin taught that God commands or controls evil in Satan, demons and the wicked, and therefore blasphemously calls God as the author of evil. I was in debate with someone regarding the interpretation of Calvin on this matter, namely in his...
  2. J.L. Allen

    Bahnsen Project - Calvin's Institutes

    Hey folks, If you haven't checked out the Bahnsen Project, make it happen. That being said, have any of you checked out Bahnsen's lectures on Calvin's Institutes? What were your thoughts?
  3. BottleOfTears

    New translation of the Institutes of the Christian Religion announced, to be published by Crossway

    So apparently a new translation of the Institutes has been announced. It's being translated by Randy Blacketer and being published by Crossway. It won't be finished for a few years yet. Twitter thread here.
  4. Charles Johnson

    Resources on the Son as άυτόθεος

    Good afternoon brethren, I'm putting together a list of sources on the άυτόθεος doctrine, or more specifically, whether the Son is begotten of the Father according to his essence. Enjoy!
  5. L

    Did Francis read Calvin's preface to him?

    I just began to read Calvin's Institutes again, coming across a simple question. As we all know, Calvin made his wonderful prefatory address to King Francis I. Is there any historical record showing that Francis received it at his hands and read it? Was there any response of Francis to Calvin's...
  6. C. Matthew McMahon

    Attributes of God Section at APM (New)

    The internet is woefully inadequate on a compilation of articles, books and such on God's attributes from a biblical / Reformed perspective. I'm working to build out a solid attributes of God section to the site by faithful Reformed preachers and writers. At this new section of A Puritan's Mind...