1. Jonathan95

    Paedo-Baptism Answers Credobaptist to Paedobaptist Transition

    I wish I could leave like a voice clips or something, hahaha. I have much on my mind and need other minds to bounce ideas off of. Thank you my friends for any answers that follow. I am currently a credobaptist who seems to be slowly but surely transitioning into a paedo position. I'd love to...
  2. J.L. Allen

    Paedo-Baptism Answers A Baptist’s Paper Wanting Answers

    My friend wrote this paper giving his objection to paedobaptism for a class at TEDS. This more or less summarizes his view. He said he would love to switch views should Scripture support it. I know, y’all know, that Scripture supports our view, but I’m too new to give a rebuttal at this level...
  3. goretorade

    I am rethinking becoming Credo! (for Baptists)

    I have been rethinking my baptism view lately, and have come to a point were I am not sure if I truly believe that the children of believing parent(s) should be baptize. I am pretty sure I know the ends and outs of both sides, but the linchpin for me is that I am not sure if I see a two-fold...