1. TryingToLearn

    Is This Dispensationalism?

    Hi guys, So not too long ago I switched from MacArthurian dispensationalism to covenant theology and I got super into G.K. Beale, but I don't think I fully understand covenant theology's understanding of the relationship between the Church and Israel. My initial understanding was that since the...
  2. J.L. Allen

    What Was Your Last Straw for Dispensationalism?

    For those of you who were raised and/or held to Dispensationalism, what was the last straw to break your resolve in it?
  3. M

    Jesus and the Ten Commandments

    I am looking for an article that argues and demonstrates that Jesus kept each one of the Ten Commandments. I want to share such article with some dispensationalist colleagues. Please share if you know of one.
  4. J.L. Allen

    Difference Chart Clarification

    My wife was educated at The Master's College (now University) receiving her BA in Biblical Counseling. She's not quite a rapid animal about theology like I am. Since I'm being educated at Moody, I tend to not ever really hear about Covenant Theology in any real sense (being that I'm a languages...
  5. RefPres1647

    Rebuttals to Dispensational Prophecy Interpretations

    Hi brothers/sisters! So I am the only person in my family (and even my wife's family) who is Reformed and they are all dispensational and premillenialists (pre-trib). Fun dinners. So I know my views are absolutely against dispensational premillenialism since I believe we have always been once...
  6. R

    What Would Futurists and Preterists Think if They Only Knew?

    What would Protestant/Fundamentalist Baptist Futurists and Preterists think if they knew that their systems were both created by the Roman Catholic Jesuit priests Ribera and Alcazar, respectively, to take the focus off the present-day pope/papal system as the Antichrist, just to push the focus...
  7. Matthew1344

    1689 Federalism and Dispensationalism

    I have heard claims that 1689 Federalism has the hallmark of dispensationalism, being that 1689 Federalism separates Israel and the church. It seems to me that that is an accurate assessment. I understand that I could be very wrong in my understanding. Also, I understand that this post might...
  8. Y

    Singapore Bible Presbyterian dispensational?

    This thread is a follow up to a question I raised on Burt Mulder's thread about the OPC & BPC establishing fellowship with each other. Cymro, Jeff O'Neil, said that as far as he knew the Bible Presbyterians of Singapore were "of a four pointer persuasion, and of a dispensational complexion."...
  9. Matthew G. Bianco

    Two Parts of the Seed of Abraham?

    Have you ever heard the dispensationalist's argument that there are "two parts" to the promised seed of Abraham? Meaning there is the promised physical descendants of Abraham (Israel) and the Church? For me this teaching rejects Galatians 3 and also the teaching that gentiles are grafted into...
  10. M

    Help with translation: Philip Mauro's Gospel of the Kingdom

    Hello, I have recently finished translating Philip Mauro’s Gospel of the Kingdom to Brazilian Portuguese; I believe God will set free many Brazilians from classic dispensationalism, which is the most popular theological tradition in Brazil. I translated it from this website...
  11. M

    Rev. Gunn's contact info needed

    Hello, I began translating Rev. Grover Gunn's article entitled "Dispensationalism: An Abbreviated Critique" (link) into Brazilian Portuguese. The owner of the Brazilian Monergism website (http://monergismo.com/) asked me to translate it and publish it on that website. I need to contact...
  12. M

    Law, New Testament & dispensationalism

    Which article or book do you recommend for (ex-)dispensationalists that deals specifically with the role and implications of God's laws in the New Testament? I'm an ex-dispensationalist, and I have read Sam Storms' Kingdom Come and Keith Mathison's Dispensationalism: Rightly Dividing the...
  13. M

    Sources refuting Dispensational Antinomianism

    Hello, In this thread I would like to ask for sources (articles, preferably) that specifically refute dispensational antinomianism. I personally know Christians that believe the law has been abrogated since we live under the dispensation of grace. As far as I understand, such is a clear example...
  14. M

    Scofield's 7 dispensations critique / refutation sources

    Can anyone point me to a critique/refutation to Scofield's seven dispensations? Generally, books will address many issues pertaining to dispensationalism; I am searching, specifically, for a thorough critique of the seven dispensations. Thanks
  15. M

    Are the Judgment Seat and Great White Throne the same?

    Hello, I would like to know if the Judgment Seat of Christ/God is the same thing as the Great White Throne? If it is, I would like to know how we can determine, from scriptures, that it is the same. If I'm not mistaken, some people distinguish both of them (e.g. dispensationalists). Any online...
  16. M

    Reformed Bibliography for ex-Dispensationalists

    Hello brothers and sisters, I created this thread so that you may recommend reformed bibliographic literature (books or articles, old and, preferably, new) on the following subjects and aspects: 1. A work introducing Amillennialism, but, at the same time, refuting dispensational and/or...
  17. dahlfred

    Any there any Reformed folks who've done a degree at Talbot?

    I am a PCA TE and a church planting missionary in Thailand, currently in the U.S. for a year for home assignment. I am looking around for a school to do a Th.M in Church History (or Historical Theology as 2nd choice) with hopes o teaching later. Because of family and time/location...
  18. sastark

    Dispelling the Myth of Beneficial Persecution

    New at The Ruling Elder Blog: The Ruling Elder: Dispelling the Myth of Beneficial Persecution Summary: I have heard from many people that persecution is good for the Church. From several examples in Acts, I believe the opposite to be true. When persecution ceases, then the church grows...
  19. jayce475

    Lordship Salvation, dispensationalism, ministering to others and Romans 1

    Hi, Just having a few questions circling around my head that are really getting to me. I've read most of John MacArthur's "The Gospel According to Jesus" and sort of agreed with pretty much everything that he said. I am hence trying to grapple with the issue of the assurance of salvation...
  20. J

    Is Dispensationalism (John Mcarthur) reason to leave an otherwise sound church?

    I attend a non-denominational church that is John MacArthur East. We have pastor and teachers from his seminary and teach verse by verse through the bible. It wan't until we hit Matthew 24 that the depth of the dispensationalist bent hit me in full. Is this something that I should leave the...
  21. Nathan Riese

    Is Dispensationalism considered Orthodox?

    Dispensationalists claim that they are just like the rest of evangelical, conservative, orthodox Christians. Are they? or are they pseudo-orthodox? Reformed theologians are taking strong stands against dispensationalism, should the stands be even stronger? Shouldn't there be more of an effort...
  22. gregbed

    "Literal" interpretation counterexamples

    I spent a couple of hours yesterday looking for a list of counterexamples to the oft-repeated statement that all of the Bible is to be taken literally unless plainly marked out as poetry or allegory, etc. I couldn't find any lists. Can anyone point me to some and save me hours of time...
  23. P

    Fully 1/3 of Scripture is prophecy?

    We have this couple at church who tie everything back to dispensationial teaching and prophecy. They claim that fully 1/3 of all Scripture is prophecy. I don't see it that way. Has anyone run into this and can shed some light on it?
  24. blhowes

    Replacement Theology = Covenant Theology

    Last night, I decided to do a google for baptist forums to see what's out there, what they discuss, etc. I came across a KJV-only independent fundamental baptist forum, and decided to poke around a little. I was curious, so I searched for "Covenant Theology" to see what their thoughts were. I...