divine simplicity

  1. Redneck_still_Reforming

    Looking for help w/ presentation about God

    Hello, In a few weeks, I will be speaking to a small group about aspects of who God is (aspects applied analogously as God is a simple, complete being w/out parts). I affirm simplicity and I can talk about it a little using terms I was taught but how should I present it to a group of laypeople...
  2. Travis Fentiman

    Resources on the Assumption

    It is sometimes argued that the Incarnation of Christ contradicts the unchangeability of God, for if a divine Person became a man in time, then some change must have occured in the divine Person. Traditional Christianity, however, has held that God, by definition, is able to act on others...
  3. Alexander Suarez

    Eternal Generation: An Act Always Continuing and Yet Ever Completed?

    Louis Berkhof (1873 - 1957) speaks of the eternal generation of the Son from the Father as "a timeless act, the act of an eternal present, an act always continuing and yet ever completed." My question is if any other theologian before Berkhof spoke similarly, particularly using "always...
  4. TryingToLearn

    Theophanies and Classic Theism

    Ever since reading James Dolezal's "All That Is In God", I've often wondered about the nature of theophanies. God is infinite, timeless, eternal, invisible; so in what sense are theophanies God? To experience time and space, as theophanies do, is something only creatures do, not the Creator...
  5. Charles Johnson

    Walaeus on the Simplicity of God

    Walaeus, a member of the Synod of Dordt, on the simplicity of the divine essence. His main opponent is Vorstius the Socinian-Remonstrant.
  6. Charles Johnson

    J. H. Heidegger on the Simplicity of God

    From the Medulla theologiae. The simplicity of God. XIX. God, by his simplicity, is without all composition, coalition, concretion, confusion, and diversity, absolutely simple, one, and indivisible, so that whatsoever is or is conceived of as being in him is God. I shall be who I shall be, or, I...