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    Presbyterian Polity Answers: The Nature of the Meeting of the Jerusalem Church in which the First Deacons were Ordained

    Acts 6:1-7: Hello brethren, I have a question on scriptural Presbyterian polity. In the above passage, it seems the apostles called "the multitude of the disciples" to nominate the first deacons. What is this multitude? Is this a way to elect deacons, or the only right way to go about it...
  2. C. Matthew McMahon

    NEW BOOK: A Watchman Over Christ's Church by McMahon

    A Watchman Over Christ’s Church by C. Matthew McMahon (105 pages) The watchman’s life is a life of consecration; a life on the wall dividing the world and church, to watch and take heed, to sound the alarm, and bring God’s message to his people boldly, faithfully and plainly. The watchman acts...
  3. ChrisJuloya

    [To those who hold the three-office view] Why only the teaching elder is called 'pastor'?

    I had a discussion with a friend where we talked about the two-office and three office view. He said that he has no problem with the three-office view and agrees that it is practically helpful. But his question is, why are elders not called 'pastors' where they are in fact to 'pastor'. He shared...
  4. RobertPGH1981

    Elder Requirements with Attendence

    Hello All, I am looking for guidance on Elder Requirements without appealing to the Sabbath commandments. Some Baptist congregations view the Sabbath as being fulfilled in Christ, in which the requirement becomes a matter of Christian conscience rather than direct commandment. Those with this...
  5. C. Matthew McMahon

    Iron Sharpens Iron - Hearing the Word Preached

    Just a note to those who might be able to tune in... FREE BOOKS Giveaway *TODAY*, FEB. 22nd, 4-6PM *ET* our guest on "IRON SHARPENS IRON" Radio will be: DR. C. MATTHEW McMAHON, founder of A Puritan's Mind who will address: "The LORD's VOICE Cries to the City: A Biblical Guide For HEARING the...