1. JoeltheWestminsterian

    Help for a Former Atheist Family Member

    I have a dear family member who was formerly an atheist but has since come to believe in Christ. She has always been very scientifically minded in her thinking and passions and has spent much time in the past acquiring scientific information from an atheist, materialist perspective. Now...
  2. Carl Copsey

    Media on Evolution

    I have read many books on Evolution. I was wondering what books, DVD's, files, websites, etc. in this category, would be recommended. I'm looking for more material. Please let me know if you have anything that you may be willing to part with. I have plans to take my youth group through an...
  3. Damon Rambo

    Ken Ham vs. Bill Nye Debate Upcoming!

    Hello, all! It has just been announced that Bill Nye will debate Ken Ham on the topic of creation and evolution, February 4th. You can read the official announcement here: Answers in Genesis You can read MY assessment, HERE Ham is at least moderately presuppositional in his approach...
  4. C

    Jesus Would Believe in Evolution and So Should You

    Before I get kicked off the board, that is the title of the article at the following link, not my opinion: My Take: Jesus would believe in evolution and so should you – CNN Belief Blog - CNN.com Blogs This makes my angry and sad. Many non-believers are encouraged in their God-hating when...
  5. F

    No Evolution and No Heliocentric System - Some Help Needed

    Hey guys, In a discussion about the creation account with a friend, he proposed this question: So, he's wondering how I can say that evolution is not in the Bible, and say at the same time that the Bible doesn't teach heliocentrism. To be honest, I've not done much thinking on this area...