1. Lukemk824

    Books for a to-be father?

    Hello all, My lovely wife and I are expecting our first child at the beginning of next year. As an avid reader, I am ready to devour any resources for expectant fathers. I am wondering if there are any good reformed books or articles directed towards first-time fathers? Thanks, Luke
  2. J.L. Allen

    Increasing Productivity During Seminary

    Howdy folks, For those of you who are either in seminary or have gone through the process (doesn't have to be seminary specifically to be helpful), take me through what your schedule looked like. What sort of things did you do to organize your semester both as a whole and daily? What courses...
  3. TheBruisedReed

    Introductory Survey of the Old Testament

    Grace and Peace, PB! My wife and I were chatting on the phone tonight (I am currently deployed overseas) and she informed me that my mother-in-law is searching for some resources to help her get a better "cohesive" picture of the Old Testament. She is no stranger to God's word, but I do not...
  4. jonathanmbowman

    Who comes first? Your wife or your ministry?

    My understanding has always been that from a reformed perspective, we would say that a wife and your children while in your home are your first ministry. If you do not take care of them first your ministry will inevitably suffer (obviously God could give you a thriving ministry despite anything...
  5. Servant4Christ

    Stage four Cancer

    I am going around to my various forums that I am a member of asking for prayers for my mother-in-law, Dee Dee, who just found out that she has stage four kidney cancer. They are treating her with chemo and radiation, but her prognosis is very poor. Some have suggested that she may only have 6...
  6. John Carpenter

    Seven Suggested Problems with the "Family Integrated Church Movement"

    Seven Suggested Problems with the "Family Integrated Church Movement" Plus one Extra: Eight Problems! The "Family Integrated Church" (FIC) movement insists on the necessity of families meeting together for the main service of the church and that if age and sex segregated ministries are to be...
  7. C

    Conception an active work of God?

    Is the conception of a child an active work of God? It seems to me that there are three ways to look at the event: 1. God passively creates a child by upholding the ability of a man and woman to procreate through the natural means. 2. God actively chooses to create a child when a man and...
  8. C

    Teach Modern or Original to Child?

    I want to start teaching my almost-4-year-old son the Westminster Shorter Catechism. RTS has an iPhone app to learn it in 90 days. It looks great, but it seems to have modernized the test. There is another free version that looks like the original, but it doesn't have any bells and whistles...
  9. TaylorOtwell

    Husband/Wife Conflicting Concerns

    For those of you who are married, what do you do when you and your spouse have two opposite concerns? Let's use the example of vaccinations. The husband is worried that not vaccinating children may lead to harm for their children because of the diseases, while the wife is worried that the...
  10. RoderickE

    Wives Submit to Husbands?

    A church in England preached Ephesians 5:22 and Colossians 3:18 and immediately many women members were so offended that they quit the congregation. So what does Eph 5:22 and Col 3:18 say that is so offensive? Some of the women congregants said they were "disgusted" by the sermon which was...