1. reformedman

    iPad Recommended Favorite Apps

    I got an iPad about a week ago by recommendation so that I can use my ASV for comparison in the pew. I wondered if you have any recommendations. Here's what I got so far: YouVersion BibleGateway Matthew Henry Ligonier 1689 Calvin's Institutes of Christian Religion Westminster Catechism Trinity...
  2. reformedman

    iPad Interlinear Greek Translation Software

    Hello, I'd like to get an interlinear for my iPad but I can't find one that has breath marks and proper accents. I'd appreciate suggestions if anyone has one. I just found this one in my search for one, and it's one I am very familiar with on the internet but I can't find whether it supports...
  3. J

    iPad Alternative

    Just got this promotional email from Asus. The EEESlate looks likes a nice tablet. It is essentially a scaled down PC. See here: ASUS Eee Slate - Entertaining meets enterprising with the most powerful tablet However, there is no pricing indication yet, so it's difficult to say whether it...
  4. sastark


    What is your opinion? Is this a revolutionary device that changes everything? Or is it just an iPhone on steroids? Personally, I think it is pretty cool, but don't necessarily thing it changes everything. I do like that there is an external keyboard available. I'm not sold on the whole eBook...