1. Gwallard

    Church Library Policy; ALA Bill of Rights

    Considering most Calvinistic Baptists and Reformed churches have libraries, I am wondering what policies, processes, or advice you might give. (Placed in Church Order, because nor sure where else to place this) Our church has an accessible library for the congregation, and I have taken over...
  2. B.L.

    Will the Cancel Culture Endanger Book Publishing in the Future?

    Morning, I've been thinking a lot about the speed at which Western Civilization is crumbling and wondered whether the "cancel culture" might reach new heights in the future leading to the outright banning or decision not to reprint literature from authors who held or hold views that are deemed...
  3. A

    Pastor's Library Fund

    Greetings, I have been reading PuritanBoard for a long time and finally decided to join today and ask a question. I am currently a bi-vocational pastor serving with two other pastors, one bi-vocational and another full time. My questions are about monthly library funds for pastors. I am...