1. S

    Is Love a Part of the Nature of Saving Faith?

    I have a question concerning the nature of saving faith: is love a part of the nature of saving faith or merely the chief fruit of saving faith? Or both? When I read the WCF, Belgic Conf., and Heidelberg Catechism I don't see love mentioned but when I read Jonathan Edwards and John Piper they...
  2. Haeralis

    How Aristotle's "Ethics" Helped to Cause the Reformation

    This helpful academic journal article from Dr. Ronald N. Frost delineates the role played by Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics in fostering the medieval scholasticism that the Protestant Reformers sought to replace with a purer Augustinian theology. Crucial topics explored within Aristotle’s...
  3. ChananBachiyr

    To love or not to love?

    Hello all... my wife has illuminated what seems to be a problem of mine that apparently I hadn't seen before. I was speaking of my love for the people of God and people in general; I love to meet new people at churches and go street preaching, handing gospel tracts out, talking to strangers...
  4. sojourner

    On Singlehood and Loneliness

    I have heard a lot of sermons with regards to single blessedness. But honestly, there are moments that I can't help but feel lonely. I am aware that the true meaning of marriage is for the advancement of the Kingdom of God, and it is not about ourselves, and we can use our singleness for...
  5. L

    God loves others before himself?

    I am currently reading this book by Timothy Shay Arthur, 1849 "Advice to Young Ladies on Their Duties and Conduct in Life". In chapter two I came across this paragraph and I just can't agree/get my head round it. As I believe God loves Himself primarily and anything else would be idolatry for...