1. C. Matthew McMahon

    Richard Capel (1586–1656) on Temptation and Sin

    The Nature, Danger and Cure of Temptation by Richard Capel (1586–1656) Richard Capel (1586–1656) was a puritan divine who demonstrated a powerful and fiery preaching of the Gospel. He was invited to sit on the Westminster Assembly, which demonstrates his high regard; and Richard Sibbes called...
  2. C. Matthew McMahon

    The Devil Made Me Do It

    I'm working on an excellent book by Richard Capel, invited Westminster Divine, on temptation. You may have heard the phrase, "The devil made me do it," as an excuse to justify one's sins. This is a complete fallacy. True enough, the devil operates in a sphere which pressed the Lord of glory to...
  3. Clark-Tillian

    Gillespie On Ignorance

    There is no sinfulness in the will and affections without some error in the understanding. All lusts which a natural man lives in, are lusts of ignorance. GEORGE GILLESPIE
  4. Adam Olive

    Lust and the Resurrection

    I am looking for something that I read once regarding lust. I am sure it was a puritan author. It described a person lusting after someone and then described in graphic detail the effect of considering the person now a vile creature at the resurrection condemned to hell. The point was the...