majority text

  1. G

    Byzantine readings in the ECM of Mark (Editio Critica Maior)

    The latest data from the Institute for New Testament Textual Research and their textual apparatus states: This caught my attention because there has been some recent discussion about weighing BYZ text more equally. Is anyone familiar with these findings? Do you think it will affect the next...
  2. G

    Majority Text vs. Critical Text vs. Textus Receptus – Textual Criticism 101 I found this exhaustive breakdown of the Critical / Majority / Confessional views really helpful. Appologies if it has already been shared. It’s a long read but worth it if you’d like to see...
  3. NickCamp

    Corruption of the Critical Text Vs. Majority Text

    I have a question regarding the charge against earlier manuscripts in saying that they are corrupted. I am not saying that all who hold to the Majority text view or the Received Text do this, but I have noticed many state that they believe the manuscripts to be corrupt (though the best...