1. J

    Looking for an MP3 Download of "History and Theology of the Puritans" lecture series by J. I. Packer at RTS

    Hello everyone! My name is Jeremy Lueck and I'm new to the Puritan Board. I need your help. I'm looking for an MP3 download of the Puritan lectures J. I. Packer delivered at Reformed Theological Seminary named: History and Theology of the Puritans. It was originally available on iTunes U, but at...
  2. C

    mp3 sermon quality settings and bath processor

    I need to convert a bunch of sermons encoded at typical music quality, bitrate 128 kbps and sampling rate 44.1 kHz, to a more manageable size (currently the individual files are between 50-100 mb). What are your recommended quality settings and what would be the easiest program to batch convert...
  3. N. Eshelman

    Rare Karl Barth English Audio

    As I have mentioned, I have been reading and studying some Karl Barth. He is very bright, but I cannot buy his version of the Reformed faith... too old school, I guess. Any way, here is a rare lecture that Karl Barth gave on the character of theology. You may have read this in his...