open theism

  1. Ask Mr. Religion

    Open Theism Debate 2017-10-21

    The attached is a transcript of a debate of sorts between avowed open theist Bob Enyart and a Calvinist (Ask Mr. Religion). In past debates with Calvinists Enyart claimed none had adequately answered his questions. I volunteered, and he accepted my proposal to provide him with substantive...
  2. Mathias321

    Open Theism and 2 Chronicles 6:5

    I had an open theist today on Facebook quote 2 Chronicles 6:5 to try to "prove" to me God doesn't have a foreknowledge or doesn't predestine anything. Here is the discussion between me and the open theist (OT). I may have not answered it too well because I was a bit fired up at his heresy. OT...
  3. Mathias321

    God's decrees: The whole "child rape" argument

    I have heard anti-Calvinists usually argue against Calvinism by quoting James White's response to a question "does God decree child rape" to which he responded "yes, otherwise it's a meaningless evil." Now, I have likewise heard Bob Enyart, an open-theist heretic, say that in order for God to...