1. RobertPGH1981

    Baptism in the early church

    I was reading through some very old works and came across two interesting observations on Baptism. For example Tertullian says, “Tertullian spoke of [the sacrament of] baptism as the beginning of the militia Christi [(service to the church)] and the early church referred to baptism as the...
  2. C. Matthew McMahon

    Covenant Theology Section Updated

    The Covenant Theology Section has been updated. It has links to Francis Robert's Marrow on CT, as well as Witsius in its entirely online at APM. More to come.
  3. ChananBachiyr

    Creation Ordinances

    I was listening to a lesson on Covenant Theology this morning, Dr. Stephen Myers spoke of the CoW with Adam and also mentioned the creation ordinances, which was the first I had ever heard them referred to as such! Concerning the ordinances of procreation and marriage... how do they coincide...
  4. R

    The Lord's Supper: Frequency or Intensity?

    Our church has practiced weekly communion for years. I believe we see this as the example of the apostolic church, but not a requirement. However, there are many things we see in the NT by way of example (the love feast, selling possessions and having all things in common, etc.) that are not...