1. Simpleton Luke

    Paedo-Baptism Answers Paedobaptism but not Paedocommunion? Why?

    My pastor has guided me through a few books on paedobaptism, and through reading them I noticed that household fellowship in the visible church is a big focus, which is why infants are baptized in as a sign of some sort of covenant. It was explained to me that since circumcision was performed on...
  2. JohnOwenFan

    Justin Martyr - Credobaptist?

    First Apology, Chapter 61 - In the second half of this chapter, Justin clearly contrasts our natural birth which happens without our choice, to baptism which happens when a person has the capacity of sufficient "knowledge" and "choice"...
  3. N

    Paedo-Baptism Answers Paedo-Baptism and Fostering

  4. Michael E

    Our Family Baptized Our Kids Today

    After a long journey as reformed baptists, this past year while entertaining membership at a URCNA church in PA we had to wrestle with the idea of Paedobaptism. We became convinced of it's truths and fulfilled the call to baptize our children today. Anyway, I know we're in mixed company...
  5. Jonathan95

    Paedo-Baptism Answers Baptism Solely a Profession of Faith?

    After talking with one of the deacons of my church, the general teaching surrounding baptism seems to be that it is solely a profession of faith. Essentially that baptism is just a testimony to the congregation that you believe in Christ and are not ashamed to follow and obey Him. This is very...
  6. RobertPGH1981

    Paedo-Baptism Answers Purpose of Baptism

    In various passages it describes a person believing and an apostle stating that their household will be saved. What happens when an individual in ones household doesn't believe or is incapable of believing. In other words, why would you baptize somebody who doesn't believe. So many verses...
  7. Michael E

    Help me understand PaedoBaptism (As a Credobaptist)

    Forgive me if this has either been discussed (I'm sure it has but couldn't find a concise thread here) or this is the wrong place. Hear my plea: I am reformed baptist (inb4 we all joke that baptists can't be fully reformed). However, my wife and I have both come to a place where we feel like...
  8. C. Matthew McMahon

    Primitive Baptism by Matthew Sylvester (1636–1708)

    Primitive Baptism and Therein Infant’s and Parent’s Rights by Matthew Sylvester (1636–1708) Matthew Sylvester (1636–1708) was a nonconformist divine, a meek and spirited Reformed preacher, and scholarly linguist. This wonderful work by Matthew Sylvester is an exegetical triumph of proper...
  9. R.G. Sassard


    Hey Guys. I just started getting deep into reformed theology a few years back (or really just theology in general) and I am reformed baptist as of now. Of course, I have learned much from reformed Presbyterian theologians and others such as Anglican as well. I love the things they have to say...
  10. J.L. Allen

    It’s Official!

    My wife and I are going to be seeking full membership at Westminster OPC near by. After reading John Murray’s “Christian Baptism” she’s fully adopted covenant theology. This has been a year long journey for both of us, but we’ve arrived. Here’s a prayer request: Please pray for us as we tell...
  11. MooreJo

    Paedo-Baptism Answers How do I answer these questions?

    A credobaptist friend of mine posed these questions and I want to know how to correctly answer them. He tends to be a "chapter and verse" type of guy who will seldom settle for anything other than explicit scriptural support. Is baptism and circumcision related in any way? If so, how so...
  12. P

    Origins of Credobaptism

    I was listening to a Reformed Forum podcast that stated Credobaptism (meaning the view that believers only should be baptized) originated in the Reformation era and there is little to no evidence of it prior to that or in the early church. Is this true? My wife is Baptist and I am Presbyterian...
  13. ChananBachiyr

    Still struggling with paedobaptism!

    Hello all, I was hoping for some continued assistance. I'm still really struggling with the idea of paedobaptism... I've been studying Covenant Theology for weeks and I get it, but I still can't understand that connect for the paedo position. I believe that if a doctrine is to be adopted, it...
  14. P

    Kuyper & Presumptive Regeneration

    Could someone please explain, in a nutshell, Abraham Kuyper's understanding of Presumptive Regeneration, and if it differs from other possible views of Presumptive Regeneration? I always thought PR was the argument for paedobaptism that runs thusly: Baptism is to be administered to the...
  15. B

    Paedobaptist questions

    Hey! I’ve recently been doing a lot of reading/learning about Paedobaptism and leaning that way. I’m almost there :) I still have a few questions though, that I can’t seem to find answers to (probably just not good enough research on my part...). Any answers/discussion would be awesome...
  16. A

    What was the seed that started your change of mind?

    I was surprised to find in one of the polls on this board that so many people had gone from being credobaptists to paedobaptists. So my question is specifically to those who have had such a change of mind. What is it that sowed the seed of doubt about credobaptism for you? What was that hook...
  17. eqdj

    From Credo to Paedo: Your Decisive Turn

    I'm reading "The Case For Covenantal Infant Baptism" edited by Gregg Strawbridge, published by P&R. In his Introduction, Strawbridge writes of his coming to Paedobaptism from Credobaptism. On page four he writes, "My study of the issue took a decisive turn when I began to see that the new...
  18. eqdj

    Calvin's Institutes 4.16.20-24

    Reformation 21 is blogging through Calvin's Institutes this year. You can find their reading plan here. In 4.16.20 Calvin appeals to the Abrahamic command, as a means of raising difficulties for critics of paedobaptism: But here Calvin insists on a false dilemma. Why can’t the command of...
  19. C

    Why do paedobaptists baptize female infants?

    Hello all, So I've been studying paedobaptism for a while now and I am listening to William Shishko's series in Christian Baptism (highly recommended, regardless of your persuasion). Here is one thing I haven't figured out. Why are female infants baptized? In the OT circumcision rites, only...
  20. eqdj

    Scriptural Support for Paedobaptism

    I have books on the history of baptism, but I would like to read the scriptural supports for paedobaptism. I've only been here for about two months, so please forgive me if this has already been addressed in another thread. Thank you. Oh, and i'm referring to the historic orthodox...
  21. Semper Fidelis

    Introducing the Paedo-Baptism Answers forum

    I've created this sub-forum to be a non-debating area for members to ask questions and receive clarification on the confessional understanding of the Sacrament of Baptism from Paedo-Bapists only.