1. Travis Fentiman

    A Poem of Faith on the Apostles' Creed

    Refresh yourself in the faith with this brief poem on the Apostles’ Creed by an English minister in 1640. In this battling dialogue Satan shames and condemns the Christian, who rises up in spiritual warfare, taking faith in Christ and his Word at every point. May your heart well-up with and...
  2. Haeralis

    Pres. John Quincy Adams, "The Hourglass"

    Pres. Adams wrote this beautiful and profoundly Christian poem on the fleetingness of time. In this poem, Adams captured the elusiveness of the present moment and the importance of God's atoning lamb—the great I AM—for us to have any permanence in the midst of time's unceasing movement. Alas...
  3. calvinich

    B.B. Warfield's Lyrics and Poetry

    I've recently transcribed a copy of "Four Hymns and Some Religious Verses" by B.B. Warfield. Whereas it was previously available as a scanned document, I've transcribed it into a textual PDF file, which is more readily copy-and-pasteable. Here is the link...