1. TheBruisedReed

    Debate Preparation: Atheism v. Christianity

    Greetings PB! I have recently been scheduled to participate in a live debate with a professing atheist. The topic for the debate, or question to be debated, is: "Is God's Existence Coherent and Congruent with Reality?" I already see that the phrasing of the question places "Reality" as the...
  2. gangelo

    Can we 100% prove the existence of God, due to the impossibility of the contrary?

    Can we 100% prove the existence of God, due to the impossibility of the contrary? Doesn't the presuppositional argument for the existence of God basically boil down to the Christian theistic worldview being the only worldview that makes rational sense? For example, Christian theists can make...
  3. Worddoer

    Responding to Brian Bosse's Presuppositional Critique

    In his article criticizing presuppositional apologetics, Brian Bosse lays out three premises that Greg Bahnsen makes in defense of presuppositional apologetics but claims that these premises are not established in an objectively certain manner. As a student of presuppositional apologetics, as I...
  4. nick

    Guy with a lot of baggage here

    Hello all. Glad to finally join the board after browsing posts for so long. Here is a very brief Church history: Raised Catholic until I was 16. Parents started attending a traditional Southern Baptist Church where I was baptized. Left for the US Navy at 18 and hopped around churches...
  5. No Name #5

    Requesting Counsel on Witnessing to Atheist Friend

    I would appreciate it if someone could offer me some advice on witnessing to an atheist friend of mine. We've known each other for a couple of years now, & have debated this subject numerous times in the past. They haven't even read the Bible yet, & my insistence thus far has been for them to...
  6. snap_dragon

    Anybody read this presuppositional apologetics book?

    The Portable Presuppositionalist: Biblical Apologetics in the 21st Century by Jamin Hubner I am always on the lookout for some different apologetic books and don't usually come across many presupps.