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  1. C. Matthew McMahon

    The Whole Duty of Divine Meditation - Richard Allestree (1619-1681)

    Have you ever desired to improve your personal devotions with God and Christ? How does godly meditation fit into this? Do you meditate on the scriptures daily? Richard Allestree (1619-1681) (also Allestry) was an English divine during the era of the Westminster Assembly. He was a man of...
  2. C. Matthew McMahon

    Expository Preaching Videos - Preach the Word!

    In light of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, and a desire to see further revival among Christians today, two topics I am highlighting at A Puritan's Mind for the whole year is a focus on Pastoral Theology and Expository Preaching. I've already posted a short series on Pastoral Theology...